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April 24

Reading Aloud: Or How I Found My Voice I Thought to Have Been Lost by Paul. W. Hankins

I’m not well-known. Not famous for much. However, my bite wings, impressions, and molds placed in articulators have featured in at least two major universities in my lifetime. Professors gather around the display and wonder how a person with this kind of artifact may have survived to his middle-forties. They may also wonder why he […]

January 16

“Yes. . .I Have Those Kind of Books.” by Paul W. Hankins

I had a Nerdy Book Club post ready for the administrators to post today. When Cindy emailed and asked for a new bio and picture to go along with the post, I told her that I had a new bio. . .a new picture. . .and a brand new post. This is that post. The […]

November 02

“Reading the Archetype(s)”: Another Look at Levels by Paul W. Hankins

“People don’t want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.”  from Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk And that’s it really. That’s all I really wanted to share on this Sunday morning. Have a […]

March 21

“Whisper My Story” by Sarah Shelton

Hello, Nerdy Book Club. I am going to keep my wrap-around comments brief on this post so that I can share with you one of the personal narratives that came in earlier in the school year from a student who took in the assignment, processed what the assignment was asking, and then approached the teacher’s […]

Vital Signs: How We Measure the Quality of the Reading Life by Paul W. Hankins

On August 8th, we wrote to Nerdy Book Club about the “code situation” that seems to mark the beginning of each school year. The reader’s heart in the state of arrest. It was a rather bleak picture that so many of us recognized that I was “heartened” myself to know that I was not alone in […]

Brought by Bagels. . .Bound by Books by Paul W. Hankins

You won’t find Books and Bagels on our school website. You won’t find it listed in the planner as a scheduled event. Participants don’t have a t-shirt or a rubber bracelet that announces their affiliation with the group. Few students buzz about the next book in the series. There is one simple flier posted to […]

We Have a Code Situation: When the Heart of the Reader is in Arrest by Paul W. Hankins

0700: It’s the beginning of the year. I am leaving the driveway to head for the school. 0730: It’s an exciting time wherein I arrive at the school with at least three crates of new young adult titles we have collected over the summer. And at least three more crates of picture books. I walk […]

Tipping Point of Wonder

Alexander always begins a request or question with this: “I was just wondering. . .” Another of his teachers picked up on this and we spent part of a morning planning session talking about Alexander’s approach. My colleague thought that this was probably the mark of an inquisitive young man. He thought that this sense […]

“We’re Still Listening, Nathaniel”

Retro Review: “We’re Still Listening, Nathaniel” 2012: Eloise Greenfield’s THE GREAT MIGRATION: JOURNEY TO THE NORTH is recognized as a Coretta Scott King honor title. The illustrator of this book is Jan Spivey Gilchrist. The author is honored with this particular award, but the illustrations are so much a part of what makes this book […]

“Where the Lost Get Found (and stop getting pound. . .ed)”

A “Where the Lost Get Found (and stop getting pound. . .ed)” Perhaps you have met me in some other  time, in some other place, on some other porch. At the age of five, I could cite verses from Hebrew scripture as easily as I could unpack symbolism as found in the Revelation According to […]