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June 12

Summer Reading and Learning for Teachers by Clare Landrigan & Penny Kittle

Jamie shows up early for class and wraps himself around a Matt de la Pena novel. You have heard a story like his before: he’s never been a reader, is not interested in novels (or grades), but is now putting in extra time to read.   It’s not the book club he’ll be meeting with […]

April 14

The Book Love Foundation Summer Book Club: supporting teachers, supporting learning by Penny Kittle, Clare Landrigan, Fran McVeigh

I feel a tug on the back of my dress as I walk down the hall to debrief with the first-grade team of teachers. I shift my stance wondering if I somehow caught my hem on something. Then I hear her voice. Miss Clare. I turn and see her small fingers wrapped tightly around the […]

April 25

A Summer of Study, a Summer of Reading by Penny Kittle 

So what are you planning for this summer? I’m going to see Dave Mathews in concert five times (ridiculous, right?). I will walk my dogs in Whitaker Woods every chance I get, and I will climb a few mountains in the Presidential Range. I’ll also be reading, writing, and thinking about teaching, of course. It’s […]

An Illustrated, Revised, and Sketchy Life by Penny Kittle

From inside the snow globe that is my small town in New Hampshire this morning, I sat at my window to write. I turned off the lights. The creep of dawn amidst a sweep of snow requires watching, an attention to light and shape. The only sound is the steady snore of my dog in […]