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January 02


At this time of year, when “Best Books of 2021” lists pop up daily, we educators and community members cannot forget that it doesn’t matter which books win awards for best children’s and young adult literature if young people never see the books in their schools, libraries or homes. National efforts to censor books in […]

May 04

Creating Joyful Summer Reading Plans by Pernille Ripp

“Mrs. Ripp, did you know there is only 30 days left after today? “   He looks at me expectantly, clearly excited about the end of 7th grade and all that will happen during the summer.   “No more reading, no more school, just freedom…”   And I realize once again that although we have […]

January 21

The Portals We Create by Pernille Ripp

I don’t remember the first time someone told me I should be fired as a teacher in response to work my students had done.  I know it was several years ago.  I remember the fear though, how it felt like a bucket of water was thrown in my face.  Here I thought we were doing […]

March 12

The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket by John Boyne – Review by Pernille Ripp

There are terrible things that can happen to us whether we see them coming or not.  There are things that can surprise us, leave us flabbergasted, flummoxed, and utterly unsure of what to do now.  There are days that can turn our entire lives upside down, leaving us wondering what we did to deserve such […]

Out of This Place by Emma Cameron – Review by Pernille Ripp

It takes a special book to be read on a Sunday night.  This night is sacred in my household.  After the kids are put to bed, the hush falls over the house, I make myself a cup of tea and then decide; is it a movie for once I would like to indulge in, a […]

The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen – Reviewed by Pernille Ripp

  “…Mrs. Ripp, I just don’t get it; how come the copies of The Runaway King are available?…”  Billy is looking at our must read book shelf, and he is right; two freshly pressed copies of The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen are sitting there up for grabs.  “…The reason they are available is that […]

Read a Book Aloud and Connect With the World by Pernille Ripp

I have written on several occasions on what prompted the creation of the Global Read Aloud and yet the story never seems to get its due, to get its full potential told, much like a frustrated writer that can’t seem to get to the point.  The Global Read Aloud started as a very simple idea; […]