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February 25

5 Series My Emergent-Bilingual Readers Are Loving by Priscilla Thomas

Over the past 11 years, I have defended the necessity of independent reading in a wide variety of high school English classrooms. Whether my students were 9th grade boys in a vocational school or honors-level 11th graders, I have always believed in the value of reading for joy, reading by choice, and reading on your […]

A Little Stone: The Rippling Repercussions of Bookshaming by Priscilla Thomas

“You’re reading that?” “Oh, I don’t read those books.” You hear such admonishment in bookstores, read it in reviews, see it online, find it anywhere that reading is discussed. It’s easy to think that nothing harmful could come of it, that it’s simply a matter of “taste”, but bookshaming can devastate even the most accomplished […]