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August 21

Pixar This by Ryan Hanna

I had a sad conversation this summer.   I’m a regular at my neighborhood diner, The Echo. During the school year, I go on Saturday morning and read. My favorite server (l’ll call her Tanya) asks me about the books I’ve been reading, and then gives me her latest recommendation on a piece of receipt […]

July 27

Saved by the Read-Aloud by Ryan M. Hanna

This is a simple story. A small reflection. But, it has weighed heavily on my mind and heart since the end of last school year, and what better day to share it than on Surprise Sunday?   One of the most common pieces of advice that I received from my mentors and professors when I […]

Reluctant or Resisting? by Ryan M. Hanna

Let’s talk about the famed reluctant reader. The reader that countless blogs, professional teaching books, and think tanks work overtime at figuring out. Reluctance can be caused by a wide variety (and sometimes combination) of reasons: the students may struggle with reading, literacy support may be lacking in their homes, there’s no one to help […]

Reflections by Ryan M. Hanna

The famous saying “Cats have nine lives” isn’t one I had ever thought much about before I began to ponder my life as a reader. It soon began to resonate with me. I’ve recently realized something pretty amazing – I have lived many reading lives.   In elementary school, I never read very much. I […]