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April 22

10 New Books Highlighting the Diversity and Strength of Girls & Women by Brittany Gendron

Far too often girls are shortchanged in literature. They deserve to see the beautiful wide world of humanity, and more definitions of ‘girl’ than just girl-chases-boy, clique-drama tropes. Here are 10 recent favorites of mine showing the beautiful wide-open world of what it is to be female!   Non-Fiction Strong is the New Pretty: A […]

March 05

10 Books That Help Me Hook Self-Proclaimed Middle School “Non-Readers” by Brittany Gendron

As educators, we know that there is no such thing as a non-reader, just a young soul who has yet to find the right book. The book that turns unintelligible ink slurred across a page into a meaning-making guide for the world around us. Sadly, by the time students reach middle school, many still have […]