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May 07

Birth of a Batpig by Rob Harrell

There are a few different origin stories for this particular super pig. There’s the Batpig that appears in my novel WINK, a creation of the main character Ross Maloy. And there’s the origin story of that character you can find in my new graphic novel WHEN PIGS FLY – that involves a mildly radioactive bat, […]

April 16

A Bit About Wink – Rob Harrell

I was thirty-six when I was diagnosed with a crazy-rare cancer in the lacrimal gland above my right eye. It was the 25th reported case of its kind at the time. I’ve had a lifelong knack for catching the rare stuff. I won’t go into the malaria or the worm in my foot on our […]

September 23

Better Than The Remote by Rob Harrell

When I was a kid, I know my parents were concerned. I loved tv. I mean, I really loved it.  Reruns of Gilligan’s Island, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch…even My Three Sons, though I’m not sure what I saw in that one. Prying me and my Welch’s Grape Soda off the couch was […]