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13 Chanukah Picture Books by Sandra Bornstein

As a child growing up in the 1960s, I cannot remember reading any picture books about Chanukah. I always felt marginalized when my Jewish traditions were overshadowed by the classroom celebrations of Christmas. None of my elementary school teachers ever asked the Jewish kids to share any of their traditional foods or customs.   Schools […]


Last spring, I was a guest blogger on this site. I wrote Notable Holocaust Picture Books Illustrate People Making a Difference. In that post, I discussed the controversial topic of sharing Holocaust picture books with primary students and also provided a brief explanation about a handful of Holocaust picture books. With a limited number of […]

Notable Holocaust Picture Books Illustrate People Making a Difference by Sandra Bornstein

The mere mention of the word “Holocaust” may cause a significant group of primary teachers to cringe. The thought of including a notable Holocaust picture book in a primary curriculum might be equally unappealing even though the underlying message revolves around people making a difference.   Some may immediately respond, “Isn’t the Holocaust a more […]