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January 09

Why I Love Author Selfies by Sandy Otto

Yes, I take selfies with authors. Lots of selfies. Every chance I get. As an English teacher and avid reader, I love getting books signed by favorite authors to share with my students and add to my classroom library. Their signatures make these books even more special. But there’s something magical about taking a picture […]

April 16

Books Published in 2016 by Ten Authors Who Skyped With My Students by Sandy Otto

In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, my students and I were lucky to Skype with 12 wonderful authors. We even had a visit from a local author. Many of them either just released a new book, or have a book which will be released later this year. Before our Skypes, I ordered as many […]

December 14

This Book Lover’s Secret by Sandy Otto

Dear Nerdy Book Club family, I have a secret. You are the first people I’ve admitted this to. My own children don’t love reading. How did this happen, you might ask? I’ll go back to the beginning… I read to my children ever since they were babies. Board books, soft book, flap books, noisy books, […]

February 09

A Book Diet: Try It! by Sandy Otto

At any given time, a great number of adults are on a diet. I am no different. However, the diet I have in mind is not about weight loss, healthy eating, calorie counting or exercise.   Or is it?   Like many other Nerdy Book Club members, I have a self-prescribed diet regimen. Books (like […]