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September 12

We’re Excited About Reading! by Sara Ralph

Attending nErDcampMI was a life-changing experience for me. I learned so many things, and was overjoyed to meet some of my favorite people in real life.  It was just the experience I needed to reinvigorate me for my 12th year as an elementary school librarian. It is amazing to be in a room full of […]

Top Ten Newbery Books I Have Never Read by Sara Ralph

I have been a long-term reader of Heavy Medal, and  I am obsessed with the Newbery Award in general.  Like many of you, I highly anticipated the announcement on January 28, and dream of the day where I can attend the ALA Winter Meeting and watch it announced live (hello, come to Charlotte already!).  This […]

Top 10 Ways to Raise a Member of the Nerdy Book Club

My childhood membership into the Nerdy Book Club mirrors many of the stories previously shared.  I was always the kid with her nose in a book and when told to go outside and play, I covertly snuck a book outside to read.  I am convinced my poor eyesight is a result of many late nights […]