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May 25

Reframing “Pieces” in Three YA Novels: Gabi, Girl in Pieces, Girl in Pieces, All in Pieces by Sarah J. Donovan

As I scroll through the nearly two hundred poems and comments teens wrote today, I know that I am at once reading into pieces of their existence and all of who they are in the moments they composed the verse. They are at once complete and partial. Some would say such pieces are the nature […]

November 14

Ten Books that Imagine the Unimaginable: Genocide by Sarah J. Donovan, PhD

Education reform wants competition and global participation, but reform does not seem interested in intervening in the dark side of such progress. As a modern nation, we celebrate development, yet we tend to overlook the lives lost and voices pushed to the margins of society in the process. Literature is one way we can bear […]

July 13

Reading as a Witness to Lives Lived by Sarah J. Donovan

Sometimes I feel like at outsider. In ELA department meetings and the education courses I teach because ELA teachers like to talk about their favorite childhood books, how they read under covers with a flashlight, or snuck in a chapter during science class. Growing up, I did not have a relationship with books, but I […]