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January 02


At this time of year, when “Best Books of 2021” lists pop up daily, we educators and community members cannot forget that it doesn’t matter which books win awards for best children’s and young adult literature if young people never see the books in their schools, libraries or homes. National efforts to censor books in […]

June 18

The Top Ten Books for Hamilnerds by Sarah Gross, Donalyn Miller, and Melissa Posten

Hamilton: An American Musical has taken the world by storm. Based on Ron Chernow’s 2005 comprehensive biography, Alexander Hamilton, the musical has garnered a Grammy Award for Best Musical Cast Album, eleven Tony Awards, and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama. Fans of all ages listen to the songs, engage with the cast on […]

April 09

Nerdy Social Action by Sarah Mulhern Gross

I have a confession to make:   I don’t love all of the novels I am required to teach as part of the curriculum.   Phew!  It feels good to get that off my chest! I understand the need for a canon and I’m lucky because I have a lot of flexibility in my district, […]

August 13

CONVERSION BY KATHERINE HOWE – Review by Sarah Mulhern Gross

“Sarah, which of these books should I read from the summer reading list?” my fifteen-year old sister asked last month.  As she rattled off the books, I was impressed by the diversity on the school-provided list.  I was even more impressed when she listed a book I had not already read.  A quick Goodreads search […]

Tweet, Tweet: A Culture of Literacy by Sarah Mulhern Gross

My love of social media is well-known at school.  The upperclassmen tell the freshman about my love affair with Twitter and they keep track of the number of followers I have.  I’m always livetweeting events in class (ok, and pop culture after school….) and encouraging my students to have a positive digital footprint.  But this […]

Summer Reading by Sarah Mulhern Gross

It’s the first week of summer vacation and I’m pretty confident that my students are reading lots, based on the emails I’ve gotten and the piles of books they borrowed from my classroom library at the end of last week.   Yes, I am a summer reading believer. But really, I’m a book evangelist 365 […]

You know you are a #nerdybookclub member when…by Sarah Mulhern Gross

You know you are a #nerdybookclub member when even your dog loves to read. Yes, you read that right.  My 3-year old Australian Shepherd is an avid reader.  He is especially fond of picture books and early readers.  Some of Dublin’s favorite books include Harry the Dirty Dog, Henry the Dog with No Tail, and City Dog, Country […]

Putting Arcs into the Hands of Readers

I am extraordinarily lucky.  Thanks to blogging, the Cybils, and conferences, II get a lot of books for review.  At least twice each week I come home to find packages on the porch.  During the months of November and December I was Cybils panelist for middle grade science fiction/fantasy and I received dozens of review […]