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March 31


Reading about several different cyberbullying incidents in the news inspired my latest book, BACKLASH (Scholastic Press) in stores April 28th.   One was the Megan Meier case, in which a mother aided her daughter in deceiving and cyber bullying Megan, who ended up taking her own life. As someone who believes that the most important […]

Finding the Truth in 10th Grade English Class by Sarah Darer Littman

Last year, after my congressman (who serves on the House Intelligence Committee) argued that the NSA had broken no laws, only to be contradicted a few months later by documents obtained by contractor Edward Snowden, I decided to re-read George Orwell’s 1984. I last read it 36 years ago, during one of the most influential years […]

My Mid-Life Love Affair With John Steinbeck

While researching the YA novel I just sent off to my lovely agent, I came across a quote from Steinbeck’s East of Eden that echoed one of the themes of my work in progress: Cal said, “I was afraid I had you in me.” “You have” said Kate. “No, I haven’t. I’m my own. I […]