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July 13

Instructional Lessons Learned as an Emergent Video Gamer by Shannon Houghton

This summer, I’ve been spending some of my free time playing video games. I hesitate to call myself a gamer YET because I have so much to learn. I’m an emergent gamer, and I started noticing patterns in my emergence as a gamer that closely correlates to what I see in my students who are […]

The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages – Review by Shannon Houghton

When I was growing up as a reader, I thought there were four distinct eras that historical fiction existed in: Westward Expansion (Laura Ingalls Wilder stuff, Caddie Woodlawn) World War II Jewish experiences (Number the Stars, Anne Frank) Colonial/Revolutionary times (the Felicity series, The Fifth of March) Medieval times (All of the Karen Cushman ever […]

Top Ten Dog Books by Shannon Houghton

When I first organized my classroom library by genre, I had animal books. That expanded into animal chapter books and animal picture books. Now, I have two buckets of animal chapter books, two of animal picture books, PLUS two buckets of dog books. Gurl, dis mah library: But what IS IT about dog books? Why […]