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October 05

Is the Podcast Mightier Than the Book? by Sheela Chari

This year, walking outdoors has been my exercise, my solace, my home away from home. When I walk, I always bring my headphones. It’s me, nature, and a good podcast.   Podcasts are audio files you can download from the Internet onto your computer or mobile device such as a smartphone. They can be on […]

March 21

Writing Mysteries for Girls by Sheela Chari

This post is part of celebrating Women’s History month with 31 days of posts focused on improving the climate for social and gender equality in the children’s and teens’ literature community. Join in the conversation on Twitter #kidlitwomen or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kidlitwomen.                   When I wrote Vanished, my first children’s mystery novel, I wasn’t […]