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December 07

It’s No Surprise: Books Teach Life Lessons by Lee Ann Spillane

“Stories define us and nourish us–intellectually, emotionally– stories teach us to be human.” – Linda Reif, NCTE 2014 Stories stay with us. Memorable characters teach us lessons that we carry into our own lives. Because I believe in the power of reading, I make time for independent reading in my high school classroom. Students can […]

Hope: Be Amazing by Lee Ann Spillane

French the llama, it’s December and my students haven’t started story boarding their Project for Awesome videos yet! That’s Nerdfighter speak for I better getting moving in the classroom. I belonged to the Nerdy Book Club long before I became a Nerdfighter, but the two are definitely related. As a Nerdfighter, I am in the […]

We’ve Been Bitten: Rot & Ruin Reviewed by Lee Ann Spillane and Beth Scanlon

Title: Rot and Ruin Author: Jonathan Maberry Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers Publication Date: September 2010 Genre: Horror Jonathan Maberry’s Rot and Ruin takes place in and around Mountainside, a town settled by survivors of First Night, the night the dead rose. For protagonists, Tom and Benny Imura, it’s been fourteen years […]