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September 09

10 Books for the Jewish Fall Holidays by Stacey Shubitz

  Some people think Chanukah is the most important Jewish holiday since it is typically celebrated in December. Many Jewish children deem it significant since they receive presents, often one on each of Chanukah’s eight nights, on this holiday. Now that I’m a fully-grown person (who doesn’t give or receive gifts on every night of […]

July 30

10 Mentor Texts to Lift the Level of Students’ Narrative Writing by Stacey Shubitz

As an educator, I’ve come to believe it’s important to know a small collection of books intimately.  Not only does this make sense financially, but having a handful of mentor texts you know well allows you to use them with students for many purposes. When I was selecting fiction and nonfiction texts to feature in […]

December 23

Waiting by Kevin Henkes – Review by Stacey Shubitz

Have you ever tried to convey the concept of patient waiting to a child? Like most preschoolers, my almost five year-old daughter has a tough time with waiting. We have watched a couple of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” episodes about waiting. We’ve read Waiting Is Not Easy, an Elephant & Piggie book by Mo Willems, too. […]

November 13

PADDINGTON by Michael Bond and R.W. Alley – Retro Review by Stacey Shubitz

I recently read Michael Bond and R.W. Alley’s Paddington for what I thought was the first time.  I called my mom after reading it and said, “How come you never read the Paddington books to me when I was a kid?” “Of course, I did,” my mother vowed. And while I do believe her, since […]

Top 10 Chanukah Books by Stacey Shubitz

My parents stopped buying me Chanukah presents a few months after I became at Bat Mitzvah. My parents didn’t think I needed eight nights of presents at the age of 13. Even though I knew they were right, at the time I felt as though I was being mightily wronged.  After all, my Jewish friends […]

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein Written by Jennifer Berne, Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky- Reviewed by Stacey Shubitz

It’s not every day that a movie gets filmed in Princeton, NJ. However, when the movie is about Albert Einstein, then where else would a big budget movie choose to film other than the town where he lived and worked for so many years?  Therefore, when Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan, and Tim Robbins filmed “I.Q.” […]

The Ups and Downs of My Reading Life by Stacey Shubitz

Whenever my grandparents babysat me as a child, they engaged me in pretend play.  Playing library had me sitting with a pillow on my lap (my makeshift circulation desk, of course) checking out books for my grandparents.  I always reminded them to “return the book on time or you’ll pay a fine!”  In addition to […]

Top Ten Picture Books

As a picture book enthusiast I was disappointed with many of the board books I encountered during the first few months of my daughter’s life.  Most board books lacked the substance I was accustomed to from picture books.  However, I was determined to find quality board books so reading time with my daughter, Isabelle, would […]