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September 21

Chess Puzzles for Fellow Nerds by Steve Sheinkin

I’ve gotten really into chess during the pandemic. Holed up alone in my office, I’ve spent every lunch break for the past eighteen months watching recaps of grandmaster tournaments on YouTube. I love the game, and I love that the international stars of the game make nerdiness look so cool. Meanwhile, between chess videos, I […]

March 27

Nonfiction Man, Episode 2 by Anna and Steve Sheinkin

If it’s humanly possibly I appreciate teachers and librarians more than ever, now that I’m home all day with a fifth and an eighth grader. Well, at least my middle school daughter and I have a little more time to draw Nonfiction Man comics, our new series about a struggling superhero who sets out to […]

February 19

Nonfiction Man, Episode 1 by Anna and Steve Sheinkin

Recently, over a few early morning breakfasts, my middle-school daughter Anna and I started batting around the idea of a nerdy writer of nonfiction books (not that we know anyone like that) who decides to become a superhero and spread his love of true stories. The concept was not fully formed, and still isn’t, but […]

January 18

It Doesn’t All Make It In The Book: Deleted Scenes from UNDEFEATED by Steve Sheinkin

We wound up cutting both of these school prank scenes from the final draft of Undefeated. The first is set at the Carlisle Indian School, in the very early days of the school. It’s a well-documented story, but the playful tone just doesn’t fit with the way students described life under Pratt’s rule. The second […]