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August 30

How I Made Peace With Dogman by Susan Hansen

I confess I was always a little disappointed when my students would choose a Dogman book over one from my carefully curated and painstakingly displayed classroom library. But I would bite my tongue and never let on my true feelings about their choice. From avid readers to emerging ones, everyone loves Dogman. They are graphic […]

January 10

Ten Books to Use to Talk About World Peace (and not just with children) by Susan Hansen

Peace is not just the absence of war. For real peace to happen everywhere in this world, we need to work on the way we see each other and the way we think about each other and get rid of what is causing us to start fighting in the first place. Here are ten books […]

Reading is an Act of Love by Susan Hansen

I bought my first children’s book six years before my first baby was born.  I was so anxious to share it with her, I propped it open on the side of her bassinet the day I brought her home from the hospital. I diligently turned the pages and moved the book from one side to […]