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May 19

Hot Air Balloon Moments by Susan Knell

I’ve never taken a ride in a hot air balloon and never will because I’m scared of heights. I do love love to watch them gliding through the sky with all the bright colors floating by and I would love to see the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque sometime. My best friend’s father was […]

October 14

The Books That Bind Us by Susan Knell

I had the opportunity to visit The Netherlands and Germany this summer, and like many teachers, I try to find children’s books from the culture I’m visiting. Bringing back children’s books from trips, whether across the state or across the ocean and sharing them with students is a wonderful way to show them the world. […]

April 06

Why Poetry? by Susan Knell

“One of the richest gifts we can give children is the gift of poetry,” as stated by the great children’s poet/anthologist Lee Bennett Hopkins  Sharing poetry is such an easy thing to do, but many times neglected by teachers who think they have to “teach” poetry and therefore feel inadequate to do so. However, they […]

December 10

Beyond Santa and Frosty: Meaningful Books for the Season by Susan Knell

Every year I always look forward to reading aloud my favorite books to children for the holiday season. There are so many books that we can turn to year after year that go a bit deeper than the cute little books about Santa, snowmen, or Christmas gifts.  Here are some of my favorites that I […]

June 03

Have I Got a Book For You! Leaving No Reader Behind by Susan Knell

Finding the right book for the right child at the right time is probably one of the most life-changing things teachers can do for their students. For those of us who have always been readers and lovers of books, we may not be able to recollect exactly the one book that made us a reader. […]

January 15

Climbing the Closets for Books: Why Book Ownership is So Important by Susan Knell

Sometimes my university students write things so incredible I just have to save them. We were talking about the importance of book ownership and how having your own books to read and treasure increase motivation to read. I know that as a child I got to order books from Scholastic at school and also received […]

September 25

I Think We Hit the Jackpot! Crossing My Fingers for Literary Excitement in Classrooms by Susan Knell

As a university professor I often visit elementary classrooms to read to children and also to observe what influential teachers do to promote the love of reading.  One elementary school created an after school academy for students each quarter of the school year.  Students could choose cooking, sports, math, art, book club, etc.  My friend, […]