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October 18

Imaginary People and Their Imaginary Friends by Tania Unsworth

  I had a problem that only an imaginary friend could solve.   I wanted to write a story about a girl left all alone in a beautiful yet crumbling stately home. Born in one of its many rooms, she has never once set foot outside the grounds. The home (which happens to be called […]

November 03


In the days following my father’s death two years ago, the only thing that gave me any respite from grief was reading. I had recently bought the first volume of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. I’d always been a fan of graphic novels and comics in general, although it was only an intermittent interest. But now it seemed I […]

April 22

Reading Like a Kid by Tania Unsworth

A few years ago I decided to stop writing for adults and try writing books for children instead. There were several reasons for this but the most important was a realization that felt both simple and very important: I don’t read the way I used to read when I was a kid. On one level […]