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Read Like The Bachelor: A Guide for Students by Kate Roberts

So one of the more embarrassing facts about me is that my wife and I are pretty committed Bachelor and Bachelorette watchers. In fact, we have not missed an episode in about ten years.   We take no pride in this, yes there is a good deal of shame. I’m sure you know people like […]

June 01

The Right Tool for the Job by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts

“It’s time,” the nurse said as she poked her head into our hospital room. “Great!” we both said in unison, masking the understandable nerves felt by all new parents as they gear up to bring their newborn home for the first time.   We went through the list aloud again: car seat? Check. Baby blanket? […]

On Having Faith (and Teaching Reading) by Kate Roberts

It was the last period of the last day of my first year teaching.  My homeroom was noisily exiting after what I thought was a very rousing exit speech and Alicia was the last to leave. She paused. For a moment I thought she might apologize – for the violent outbursts, or the obscenities, or […]