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January 13

Pushing Your Reading Boundaries by Kate Olson

Can you recommend a book to me? Please? But do so from a distance and with a shield in place!   I don’t read books about magic…….except Harry Potter and Exit West and Half Magic and….. I don’t read science fiction…….but I really want to read Dark Matter I do NOT want to read about […]

December 06

FAR FROM THE TREE by Robin Benway – Review by Kate Olson

  Let’s be real here. I’m a 37-year-old school librarian – I am in NO WAY considered a young adult, right? So then, what makes this genre one in which I consider myself a qualified reviewer? I always find it fascinating that adults are the ones deciding which kidlit is quality or not, and in […]

July 09

How Soldier Boy by Keely Hutton Came to Be by Kate Olson

An incredibly powerful YA book with an amazing creation story – read on to learn about how Soldier Boy by Keely Hutton came to be…..   Several months ago, I was sent a box of books from a publisher, mostly advance reader copies. When I get these books, I always put them on my ARC […]

June 24

Top 10 Yoga Picture Books for Kids by Kate Olson

  Breathe in………breathe out…….now STREEETTTCCCHHH your arms up to the sky. Bring them in front of your chest and….Namaste.   Just typing these words relaxes me and quiets my mind. I found yoga for the first time while training for the Chicago Marathon in 2003, and used it then as a forced flexibility practice on […]

April 27

Windows, Mirrors, and #ownvoices by Kate Olson

Have you been paying attention to young adult literature? If so,  you are probably aware of these three amazing new titles ~ American Street by Ibi Zoboi, Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. All three are spectacular stories, but are also unique for other reasons beyond the […]

April 15

Top Ten Picture Books for Read Alouds by Kate Olson

As an elementary school librarian, I am always looking for ways to connect my read alouds with other books I have shared with students, and build a community of books, reading and readers. One way I do this is by choosing specific picture book “series” for each grade level and making sure to read EVERY. […]