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February 28

March Book Madness is Back by Tony Keefer

  Each red pin on the map above represents a school or library community that participated in March Book Madness last year.  All 600+ of them.  When Scott Jones and I started dreaming about the idea of connecting reading communities with a bracket-style knockout tournament, we figured it would be a success if 40-50 of […]

February 14

Top 10 Reasons to Participate in March Book Madness by Tony Keefer

Happy Valentine’s Day Nerdy Nation!  When I was awarded the Valentine’s Day post here at Nerdy, I instantly began building a list of my all time favorite kissy books.  When I was awarded the Valentine’s Day post here at Nerdy I started thinking about love and books, books and love.  And since nothing says love […]

August 27

Loot: How to Steal a Fortune by Jude Watson – Review by Tony Keefer

To be honest I am seriously loving the current wave of books that cast kid characters as spies, detectives or master criminals.  It fascinates me to see authors like Gordon Korman, Stuart Gibbs, Eoin Colfer and Kate Messner craft an at least plausibly believable plotline with kids acting like James Bond, Kinsey Millhone or John […]

March 24

A Long Road to Nerdy Book Club by Tony Keefer

My potholed and traffic jammed road to becoming an avid reader is filled with the detours of not fully understanding the power of choice and community.  The lack of choice and community I encountered for long stretches of my drive to the Nerdy Book Club was like driving though a metropolitan rush hour. The SRA Kits of my elementary […]

Ten Things I Love About the Beginning of a ‘Nerdy’ School Year by Tony Keefer

Even though the beginning of the school year is typically a frantic hot mess for me (and hopefully for all teachers who are reading this post), nothing beats the start of a school year.  I have learned to rewire my internal clock and celebrate New Year’s on August 28 instead of January 1.  The only […]

The 18th Emergency by Betsy Byars – A Retro Review by Tony Keefer

About four years ago I celebrated my 40th birthday with family and friends at a local pub and late in that evening, one of my ‘older’ friends told me, “Life begins at 40.”  The next morning, I definitely wanted to call him and explain that life most certainly does not begin at 40.  However, as […]

Some Reasons I Worry About Saying Goodbye to My Class

Note:  This post started as an idea for a simple Top 10 List of my concerns for the future reading lives of my fourth grade students..  But after just the first two ideas I had written about 600 words.  Not wanting to write a manifesto, I reduced my list to just four bigger ideas: Summer, […]

An Homage to Nefarious Intent or “A List of About 10 Fantastic Villains in KidLit”

I am a member of “Plot-aholics Anonymous”.  Readers like me know what a struggle it is to meander through a character driven tale that really goes nowhere.  I need conflict.  I need struggle.  I need a villain to be the yin to the hero’s yang. When I pitched this idea to Colby, I thought it would […]