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September 13

The Power of Literacy: Changing the Narrative of Toxic Masculinity by Travis Crowder

“…And of course there must be something wrong in wanting to silence any song.” -Robert Frost   “I want to question the idea that it’s weak to be emotionally open, to demonstrate that it’s fine for men to be vulnerable and kind, and to recognize the courage it takes to be different.” -Ben Brooks   […]

February 16

Incombustible Ideas: The Subtle Bigotry of Book Banning by Jennifer LaGarde and Travis Crowder

Books are powerful. They have the unique ability to transform, inspire, and educate, all while wrapping us in the singularly connective tissue of story. The ideas in books also have the potential to challenge the status quo, make us think differently, and encourage change in our world: a power which some find frightening. In her […]

November 11

When All We Know is Love: Post-Election Thoughts by Travis Crowder

“We can take comfort in knowing that each moment we have with a child is a moment to improve the world.” -Christopher Lehman “Spread love.” -Kwame Alexander Hurt. Despondent. Belittled. Mortified. Uncertain. Angered. These are the emotions that are circulating through my heart and mind at this moment in time.  Like many other Americans, I […]

July 27

We Are the Ants by Shaun Hutchinson: An Appraisal by Travis Crowder

Shaun Hutchinson’s novel is one of the most honest, heartfelt novels I have read for young adults in the past year. He captures the voice of a disenchanted teen so well that readers of all backgrounds will find familiarity in Henry Denton, the novel’s main character.  For many years, Henry has been the victim of […]