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The Mellops – Retro Review by Travis Jonker

I arrived late to the Tomi Ungerer party. Growing up, the renowned author/illustrator just wasn’t on my radar (note: my entire radar screen was taken up with the large balding head of Roald Dahl). So it was with a completely blank slate that I came upon the Mellops. I’m kicking myself. In 2011 Phaidon re-released […]

Tracking Down the Vicar: My Pre-Internet Search for Every Roald Dahl Book

  Roald Dahl is the reason I’m a school librarian. As a kid, his books influenced my becoming a reader more than anything else. Between Jughead Double Digests, Far Side anthologies, and Groo comics, they were the only “real” books I read for a decent stretch of my life. After taking in a few of […]