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June 24

5 Picture Books That Have Influenced My Teaching of Social Justice Issues by Vanessa Capaldo

I am a voracious reader and a devoted middle school English teacher. Every year, my focus has been to teach my students about being kind to others and being an upstander who stands for doing what is right and taking care of those who need it. Here are 5 picture books that have influenced my […]

April 22

Audacity by Melanie Crowder – Review by Vanessa Capaldo

I will admit, when I picked up this book and saw the free verse format it was written in, I thought, “Ugh, how can this serious subject be conveyed in this form?” I am pleased to say that this format made the story more real, more beautiful and heartbreaking to me. Crowder’s words are haunting, […]

My Life as a Reader by Vanessa L. Capaldo

“Read like a wolf eats.” –Gary Paulsen Ever since I learned to read at age four, I have been a voracious reader. I come by this naturally. My mother was and is still an avid reader and we read the same books and share our views on an ongoing basis. I owe my love of […]