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March 10

Top Ten Books as Additions to Your Ethnic Studies by Valinda Kimmel

Those of us from minority backgrounds often fail to see ourselves in our school texts, let alone have opportunities to engage with the kinds of knowledge that meaningful representation makes possible. By that we mean representation that transcends mere depiction to encourage meaningful engagement with and reflection on diverse experiences and ways of knowing. As […]

January 30

Who Tells Your Story? by Valinda Kimmel

Like so many others, I’ve fallen in love with Hamilton, the brilliant musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not a silly school-girl crush, but an all-consuming passionate affair. I sing the lyrics in my head all day long. I’ve even blurted them aloud on occasion at terribly inappropriate times. I am besotted. Some people in my life […]

August 26

Fierce and Tender: A Reading Life That Transforms by Valinda Kimmel

What in the world does reading novels have to do with becoming self-aware? Everything. If we’ll let it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of books when it comes to helping readers (this reader, in particular) become more self-aware. This frightening world we live in right now has me realizing that I […]

March 11

Pay It Forward: Lingering Lessons from My Reading Community by Valinda Kimmel

Literary giants C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met weekly with a dozen or more other writers for nearly two decades. The Inklings, as they were known, spent long evenings at The Eagle and Child pub critiquing each other’s unfinished works and discussing the importance of narrative in fiction. Can you imagine? Room D107—where my office […]

July 24

Avoiding the Summer Slide: Pain or Pleasure? by Valinda Kimmel

We have also confirmed that students can make impressive progress in literacy without massive amounts of direct instruction, without endless dull workbooks and vocabulary lists. We have confirmed that the most effective way is also the most pleasant way. —Fay H. Shin and Stephen Krashen, Summer Reading Program and Evidence   Summer slide affects many […]

January 21

West of the Moon by Margi Preus – Review by Valinda Kimmel

Before she ever reaches the age of 15, Astri sees her mother buried and her father leave for America, stands by helplessly as her nearest relatives sell her to a grimy goat farmer, and is separated from her younger sister in the bewitching adventure story West of the Moon by Margi Preus. Astri is no subservient dairymaid. […]