Book Lists and Recommendation Policy


When making book recommendations and lists on Nerdy Book Club, we consider diversity in all the ways young readers need it. Children become stronger readers when they read books from a variety of levels and genres. Picture books and graphic novels don’t define a reader’s age or ability—these formats provide rich storytelling opportunities for all readers. Offering books from a range of topics and themes increases opportunities to connect more children with books that match their interests.


The Nerdy Book Club proudly supports the We Need Diverse Books movement and its mission to increase the diversity of books published for and shared with children. We live in a wide world made of many different people and the books we promote and share with children must reflect this truth. Through reading, our children can travel beyond their own lives. Celebrating books that feature people from our world’s ethnicities, cultures, races, genders, and sexual identities fosters empathy and affirms the history and experiences of every child.


All children deserve books they can read. All children deserve books they are interested in reading. All children deserve books reflecting their lives. All children deserve books illuminating lives different from their own.


Because we believe in the power of books, we encourage all Nerdy Book Club contributors to consider our stance on diversity when recommending books in your posts. We appreciate lists and recommendations that express your unique point of view, however, our audience expects inclusiveness. Please consider the needs of our audience and the children we serve when creating lists and recommending books. If your post does not appear balanced, we may ask you to revise it.


When we celebrate a wider range of books, we invite more people into our reading community.


Thank you for reading Nerdy Book Club and sharing your passion and ideas with our readers through your posts.



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