Picture Book Addict? Join Us August Picture Book 10 for 10 by Cathy Mere

August 10 for 10

Four years ago Mandy Robek, of Enjoy and Embrace Learning, and I were chatting about the picture books we just couldn’t live without in our classrooms.  The conversation carried across our blogs and into our Twitter feed.  We went back and forth for a few days in our excitement over picture books.  In our virtual banter we started to wonder what picture books other teachers had to have in their classrooms.  What were the titles educators liked to have at their fingertips?  What were the books that made strong mentors for young writers?  What were the picture books that were perfect for reading aloud?  Which ones kept children mesmerized, captivated their attention, made them laugh, and were talked about long after their covers were closed?  Which ones left the shelves over and over and over again?


Our curiosity got the better of us so we decided to ask everyone which books they couldn’t live without, and August’s Picture Book 10 for 10 event was born.  Several communities came together for the event:  Kidlit bloggers, Twitter educators (#pb10for10), classroom teachers, media specialists, authors, parents and picture book lovers of all ages.  In the first year we had over 40 blogs participating in the event.  Last year that number grew to nearly 70 participants.  Each year these posts are compiled into a picture book resource for the children’s literature enthusiast and the new teacher alike.


Past Events

Since our first event in 2010, we have shared our top 10 picture book lists across blogs on August 10th of each year.  The participating blogs are then compiled into a virtual magazine-like resource on Jog the Web.


Past #pb10for10 Jogs:

August 2010 10 for 10

August 2011 10 for 10

August 2012 10 for 10

With the help of Julie Balen we added a nonfiction picture book event in February.


10 Favorites

Each year participants share a variety of picture book lists.  Some bloggers share the ten books which are absolutely essential to them.  Other bloggers create lists around interesting topics.  Some participants find tricky ways to slide in a few titles beyond the ten permitted.  (We’re not big rule followers.)  We always enjoy the creativity used by picture book lovers as they share their favorites.  Narrowing a stack of picture books to ten is never easy.  Here are a few examples of lists created in past #pb10for10 events:


  1. Franki Sibberson, 2012, A Year of Reading:  10 Books in Which Characters are Eaten

  2. Nicole M., 2012, Bluestocking Thinking:  My Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Top 10

  3. Karen Terlecky, 2012, Literate Lives:  Great New Nonfiction Books

  4. Nicole, 2012, Picture Books Around the World (a map)

  5. Mary Lee Hahn, 2012, A Year of Reading:  Picture Books for the First Weeks of School

  6. Jen Vincent and Kellee Moye, 2011, Teach Mentor Texts:  August 10 for 10

  7. Maria Caplin, 2011, Teaching in the 21st Century:  10 Word Study Picture Books

  8. Jenn Brokofsky, 2011, Learning Out Loud:  My 10 Favorite Math Picture Books

  9. Katie DiCesare, 2010, Creative Literacy:  10 Books Boys Can’t Live Without

  10. Debbie Reese, 2010, American Indians in Children’s Literature:  10 for 10 Picture Book Event

How to Participate

On August 10th we will be hosting our 4th Annual August Picture Book 10 for 10.  Of course, who better to join the fun than the #nerdybookclub community?  We’ve already enlisted a few of you and are hoping more will share their love of books.  I’m anticipating many creative lists again this year, a few lists for secondary teachers, several “must have” titles, and books to fill your shelves.  Save your money and get your library cards ready!


If You’d Like to Participate:


  1. Contact Us:  Contact us on our blogs, on Twitter (@mandyrobek or @cathymere), or by e-mail to let us know you are joining this event.  This way we can try to be sure we don’t miss anyone on the day of the event.  This is helpful, but not necessary.

  2. Grab a Badge:  Add the Picture Book 10 for 10 Badge (above) to your blog.

  3. Choose your favorites:  All you need to do is choose ten picture books you cannot live without for whatever reason.  Believe me, that’s not as easy as it sounds.  Here are some tips that might help (Choosing Picture Books and More About Choosing Picture Books).

  4. Write Your August 10th Post:  Write a post telling us about the 10 books you cannot live without.  Share your post on August 10th and link it at Reflect and Refine:  Building a Learning Community or at Enjoy and Embrace Learning.

  5. No Blog?  No Problem:  If you don’t have a blog this might be the perfect time to start one — or you can find alternate ways to participate here.  Mandy and I are not huge rule followers so feel free to adjust as needed.

  6. We do the rest:  Then Mandy and I will link your post to the other posts in a Jog for 2013.  (Exercise without leaving our couches.)


We’re excited about this year’s event and hope you can join us.

Cathy Mere is a Nerdy elementary teacher who can be found on Twitter as @cathymere and on her blog at reflectandrefine.blogspot.com.