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And now, here are the YA Nerdies by Teri Lesesne

In typical YA fashion, we have broken the rules when it comes to the Nerdies.  Other categories yielded five winners.  YA proves its adolescent rebellious spirit by offering you six.  If, by any chance, you have missed any of these titles, hie thee to a bookstore.  Then, clear your calendars because once you begin one […]

Announcing the 2012 Middle Grade Fiction Nerdies

I feel blessed to be able to spend my days talking middle grade fictions with fourth graders in my classroom. I’ve spent the discussing the books with my students that won 2011 Nerdies. Is Origami Yoda real? – is a conversation that students regularly discusss. What would you wish for if you had a magic […]

Announcing the 2012 Non-Fiction Nerdies by Mindi Rench

Growing up, I was not a fan of non-fiction books.  I loved romance.  I loved sweeping sagas of families facing hardship.  I loved books about girls in itchy dresses.  I did NOT love books about the habitat of parrots or how to build a garden in my backyard.  In a pinch, I would read the […]


Light Verse, Incredibly Diverse, Apologies, Honey Bees, Contemplation, Rumination. Best six: Classics * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * ~~ * LIGHT VERSE I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus by Jack Prelutsky illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic Greenwillow Books Author’s Website Jack Prelutsky, the inaugural Children’s Poet Laureate, continues to delight children with his poems. […]


I feel like I should run through the street yelling from house to house, “The Nerdies are here! The Nerdies are here!” 2012 brought us some amazing books and I’m delighted to be sharing the graphic novel winners with you. As a huge fan of graphic novels, I am thrilled with this list. I think […]


I have been happily immersed in nonfiction picture books lately.  I have spent a lot of time looking at many great nonfiction books as I choose the best mentor texts for nonfiction to have in our classroom library. One of the ways I’ve done that is to spend a great deal of time looking at […]

The 2012 Early Reader and Chapter Book Winners are…

Discovering the perfect early reader or early chapter book can be difficult.  Sure there are wonderfully illustrated books, but to find one that has just the right illustrations and is engaging; yet written in a way that allows developing young readers to have success is much more challenging. This year, I am celebrating that the […]

The 2012 Picture Book Nerdies Go To…

The day after Christmas is always a little sad. The presents are unwrapped.  Empty bottles of eggnog are in the recycling bin. You know that in the very near future you’ll have to take down your beautiful Christmas tree. I have the perfect thing to put you back in a festive mood: THE 2012 PICTURE […]

2012 Nerdy Book Club Awards: Let the Voting Begin! by Donalyn Miller

I have enjoyed spending the past two weeks catching up on outstanding books from our 2012 Nerdy Book Club Award nominee list. I trust your book recommendations and your suggestions have helped me prioritize my towering pile of unread books. Voting is now open for the 2012 Nerdy Book Club Awards. Please cast your ballots […]

2012 Nerdy Book Club Award Nominees

I spent the day combing through your 2012 Nerdy Book Club Award nominations–discovering many new titles and revisiting many books that my students, colleagues, and I enjoyed reading this year. Thank you to the hundreds of readers who took the time to nominate books. Narrowing a wonderful year of reading into a short list of titles challenges […]