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February 17

Ten Picture Books for Talent Development by Sarah Haywood

I work with gifted students, and there is somewhat of a paradigm shift occurring in this field. Traditionally, students have been identified as gifted and then provided with modifications and/or services. Recently, research has shown that a “talent development” approach may be more beneficial for students. One way this can be done is to conduct […]

February 10

My Top Ten Books I Booktalk Every Year by Julie DeMicco

I teach junior high students. Junior high students who mostly don’t like to read. Junior high students who are only in my class because they have scored poorly on our state reading test. Junior high students who would rather not be in my class because if they weren’t, they could have a study hall. Needless […]

February 03

Ten Picture Books about Observation and Perspective by Katey Howes

As a scientist, as a clinician, as an author, and as a parent, observation is one of my most important skills. The tools and perspective we use to observe the world shape our thinking – and in turn shape our actions. Hand a kid a kaleidoscope, binoculars, a magnifying glass – everything changes. A new […]

January 24

Top Ten (Well, Actually Eight) – In Honor of Frankenstein’s 200th Birthday by Rob Bittner

On the first day of January in the year 1818, a young woman by the name of Mary Shelley published a book you may have heard of: Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. In honor of the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein’s publication, I wanted to bring attention to a number of novels published in the last […]

December 16

Seeking Adventure for the New Year? Here’s Ten #mglit Books for 2018 Adventuring! by Caitlin Lore

When I was a kid, New Years always felt like the start of an adventure. I remember watching the clock closely as the countdown neared, wondering what sort of magic might sweep me away once it struck midnight. Watching the clock click over was like opening the wardrobe–there was so much waiting on the other […]

December 09

Top Ten Graphic Novels for Readers Who Don’t Like Graphic Novels by Amy Estersohn

Graphic novels are a chronically misunderstood kind of book.  When I tell people I specialize in graphic novel reviews, they immediately assume I’m a ComicCon-attending superhero fiend (uh, not really).   Or they assume that I focus on graphic novels because I give them out only to my striving readers (no, no, no, no, no).   […]

December 02

Top Ten New Informational Picture Books by Lorraine Brontë Magee

Last summer, I took a course at Lesley University called Exploring Nonfiction for the Elementary and Middle School Classroom. Through the course, I discovered that the world of nonfiction is one in which students become global citizens, amateaur historians, citizen scientists, and critical thinkers. As the literacy gatekeeper of my classroom, I made it my […]

November 25

Ten Gift-Worthy Subscription Boxes for Bookworms by Dena McMurdie

We all think of gift-giving during the holiday season, but many other occasions call for a thoughtful gift. Birthdays, baby showers, holidays, and special events are just a few of the reasons you might be on the hunt for a bookworm-appropriate gift throughout the year. Subscription boxes make fantastic gifts because the recipient receives a […]

November 18

Read What You Don’t Know: Ten Diverse Books I Read for my “Reading without Walls” Challenge by Rebecca Redinger

This past June, I had the opportunity to attend the American Library Association’s annual conference. I heard a lot of different library professionals and authors speak, but one session stood among the rest. On the last full day of the conference, I joined a room full of children’s librarians for the Association for Library Service […]

November 05

Top Ten Nerdy Book Places by Jennifer Ansbach

Like many Nerdy Book Clubbers, I have a reputation as a capital-R Reader, and in addition to being asked about how I could read so much, I often get asked how I find so many books to read. Sometimes people are seeking recommendations. Others are baffled how the books I want to read seem endless […]