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baby 2 May 21

Ten Books For the Earliest Readers by Annie McMahon Whitlock

When I was pregnant with my daughter Maggie, guests to my baby showers brought books as gifts. It was great to build her first book collection and to see what everyone else thought was necessary reading for the young children. There were so many great books that I looked forward to reading her stories from […]

seventeenth summer May 14

Ten “Comfort Food” Books/Series by Jennie Albrecht

We all have our comfort food – chicken noodle soup, macaroni & cheese, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream. While these are favorite foods of mine, I also have a list of “comfort books”. These are my most favorite books/series/authors. This list is also my “go-to” list when I don’t know what to read, don’t feel […]

fenway and hattie May 09


As a librarian and an author, the two of us have bonded over a mutual love of books. Or more accurately, a love of books and DOGS. And of course, dog books! We’re both crazy for dog books — stories that make us laugh, tug at our heartstrings, or let us consider life from the […]

the dark May 07

Top Ten Bits of Wisdom Gleaned From My Favourite (Recent) Picture Books by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Picture books are a lovely interplay of the language of words and the language of pictures. Once put together, there’s no separating the text and illustrations, for the story comes out of some magical melding of the two. My top ten list distills my favourite picture books into one bit of wisdom I’ve taken away […]

all the bright places April 30

Top Ten YA Books That Address Teenage Suicide by Michele L. Haiken, Ed.D.

Disclaimer –  This article addresses the topic of teen suicide and includes some sensitive information.   Evan was the class president of his high school. He was a solid student with lots of friends. He started an initiative in elementary school called “Cupcakes for a Cause” to raise awareness and money for hospice care after […]

wp-1461403222192.jpg April 23

Reading Allowed: Ten Compelling Middle School Read-Alouds by Maggie Bokelman

In today’s teach-to-the-test climate, some administrators discourage or even prohibit classroom read-alouds, especially for secondary students. I don’t have to trumpet the benefits of reading aloud to followers of “The Nerdy Book Club,” but what can you do if you’re told there’s no time because there’s too much “important” material to cover, or because the […]

charmed i'm sure April 16

Books Published in 2016 by Ten Authors Who Skyped With My Students by Sandy Otto

In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, my students and I were lucky to Skype with 12 wonderful authors. We even had a visit from a local author. Many of them either just released a new book, or have a book which will be released later this year. Before our Skypes, I ordered as many […]

The Leveller April 09

Top Ten Books for Gamers by Erin Johnson

I can still fondly remember running my little heart out (in place) on the Nintendo Power Pad, desperately trying to beat my neighbor in the 100M Dash. I also remember spending countless evenings throwing ketchup jelly beans to a blob in hopes that he would make it home and I definitely did my best to […]

black and white April 02

A Special Educator’s Guide: Top Ten Books to Interest Your Dormant Middle School Reader by Suzanne Tiffany-Salogub

How can we awaken a dormant reader? They need to be presented with engaging and accessible texts. Always! All the time! We need to get our students reading books that are an appropriate challenge. The problem is our students or children who find reading difficult, also are conflicted with the idea that they are reading […]

Tammylittle free library March 31

Top 10 Reasons to Create Little Free Libraries in Your Community by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

We often support schools and communities with promoting summer reading.  We want students to continue their “readerly lives” over the summer.  A few years ago, we were researching ideas to get books to students in different communities and we came across Little Free Libraries.   We immediately feel in love!  We were so enamored by this […]