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mouse-was-mad October 22

Ten Great Read Alouds to Promote Social Emotional Learning by Louise Prescott

Social Emotional Learning is one of the current buzzwords in education. Helping children acquire the skills needed to recognize their feelings and the feelings of others, and then learn to control their emotions and build positive relationships are important in order to be successful. For more information on SEL, visit my website of resources here. […]

mix-it-up October 15

Top Ten Books to Read During Story Time by Shannon Hawkins

A couple years ago I would have never believed I would write a blog post about story time books. I’ve always loved children’s books for my own entertainment, but I never really took myself for a story time sort of person. However, after a crazy turn of events, I took over doing story time at […]

blueberry-girl October 08

Ten Books I Gave My Daughter by Emily Rozmus

My daughter is not a reader. When she was younger, we shared Junie B. Jones in bed at night. I read her Betsy Byars and Shel Silverstein and E.B. White.  She would bring a stack of picture books to bed and read them quietly beside me, or pretend to read them to her class. (That […]

a-sick-day-for-amos-mcgee October 01

Ten Quiet Picture Books That Speak Volumes by Jackie Leathers

In the early 19th century, William Wordsworth wrote his sonnet “The World Is Too Much With Us” in which he bemoaned society’s “getting and spending” and the loss of contact with the quiet of nature. Today, more than ever, kids need some quiet in their lives. When the world is too much with us, there’s […]

nerdy-bookcast September 24

Top 10 Podcasts to Use in the Classroom by Liza Lauter

After 11 years of teaching, here’s what I know about 8th graders:   They like a good story. They think they hate non-fiction. They love any time they can sit and listen. They (I’m sure) get sick of hearing my voice, even when it means they get to sit and listen.   So whenever I can […]

nerdcampjr September 17

Top Ten Things from nErDcampMI We Want to Try in Our Work by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

We attended nErDcampMI for the first time this summer.  It was not only our first time at nErDcampMI, it was our first edcamp.  Given that we are not only book nerds, but also PD nerds –we loved everything about it!!  We have been trying to capture what made this experience so powerful for us.  How […]

Round Trip September 10

Away We Go: Ten Picture Books About Transportation by Jake Nuckolls

There are so many ways to move about in the world and so many wonderful authors and illustrators creating stories and pictures about every type and style.  There are the classics, the unknown gems, and the steady-eddie’s.  Here is a list of some of my favorite picture books about transportation.  Could there be a separate […]

pirate7 September 03

Ten Pirate-y Picture Books for International Talk Like a Pirate Day by Jenni Frencham

International Talk Like a Pirate Day started out as an inside joke among friends, but recently has exploded across the internet. Even Krispy Kreme has gotten in on the pirate action, offering free donuts to people who visit their stores dressed as pirates on September 19th. There are plenty of great pirate novels and movies […]

Let Me Finish August 27

Top Ten Books to Build a Classroom Culture by Cindy Christiansen

I have a small poster of two sheep in my classroom.  One sheep is white and the other is black, and the quote below them reads, “Choose your socks by their color and your friends by their character.  Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense.  Choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable.” […]

the storm in the barn August 20

Ten Books My Friends and Family are Tired of Hearing Me Recommend by Jake Nuckolls

I am often used as a library both physically as well as mentally.  “What should I read next?” or “Is there a book like….?” are both questions I field from friends and family who know my love of literature and specifically children’s literature.  But everyone knows that they may get an unsolicited recommendation that has […]