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symptoms-of-being-human December 03

Ten YA Books Featuring Gender Non-Conforming Characters by Amanda Shepard

In the 1960s, when young adult literature was first emerging as a genre, the books published often targeted a specific gender: romances for girls and sports books for boys (according to Michael Cart). With the emergence of LGBTQ YA literature in recent years, this stark divide between genders within YA literature has slowly begun to […]

nerdy-nov-27-2016 November 27

Top Ten Picture Books to Use to Teach Digital Literacy by Erin Marone

According to Common Sense Media, children spend an average of six hours a day with media while teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day with media. With screen time at an all time high, it is important educators tackle digital literacy topics within their curriculum such as balancing time off and online, standing […]

today-means-amen November 26

The Top 10 Book About Finding Yourself by Amy Steinbauer

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston I’ve never been a cheerleader, but an old roommate of mine was, and this book reopened the doors to that life of pom poms, ribbons, spirit gifts, and high kicks. But as with any group of people, there is more than meets the eye. Hermione Winters is […]

perspective-and-perception November 19

Top Ten Picture Books that Play with Perception and Perspective by Megan Lingo

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? There is something so enjoyable about optical illusions and other images that test the limits of our visual perceptual processing—the brain’s ability to make meaning of what we see. Much of the workaday world is invisible in its familiarity (the same button, same bus stop, same barista), but […]

inkheart November 17

Our Top 10 Bedtime Read-Aloud (Chapter) Books by Holly Kregel

One of the biggest joys for me as a parent and as a children’s literature scholar is being able to bring the books I’m working with home. Every night before bed, my daughter used to pick out a few picture books, snuggle up, and read with her dad and I before she fell asleep. Our […]

lair-of-dreams November 13

Reading with Your Ears: An Audiobook Poll by Donalyn Miller

Traveling to visit schools and conferences, I spend a lot of time in rental cars. Continuously searching for a radio station becomes tiresome and long drives can be lonely and boring, so I load a few audiobooks onto my phone before every trip. Well-performed audio productions bring a book alive and engaging narrators provide companionship. […]

sidewalk-flowers November 12

Top Ten Picture Books That Encourage Us To Get Outside And Explore by Wendy BooydeGraaff

Reading seems like an indoor thing, or maybe an outdoor activity if there’s a hammock or a nice chaise lounge nearby. These picture books, though, encourage a whole lot more than that. They inspire kids and adults to get outside and interact with nature, the weather, the wide, wide world, no matter what season or […]

parttimeindian November 05

Top Ten Books to Give to Adolescent Boys Who Say They “Hate Reading” by Oona Marie Abrams

Three years ago, I welcomed the ritual of ten minutes of daily independent reading into my 12th grade classroom. Of course, I was nervous at the beginning. After reading Penny Kittle’s Book Love, I wondered how on earth it would be possible for me to read enough titles to make good recommendations to my students, […]

big-snow October 29

Top Ten Books To Celebrate Snow by Laura Mullen

Snow evokes a feeling of wonder distinct from other weather. While rain offers the slim hope of a rainbow, snow holds the potential for a day off from school and hours of romping and sledding. No matter how much I love teaching, a 5:50 a.m. alert that school has been cancelled is on par with […]

mouse-was-mad October 22

Ten Great Read Alouds to Promote Social Emotional Learning by Louise Prescott

Social Emotional Learning is one of the current buzzwords in education. Helping children acquire the skills needed to recognize their feelings and the feelings of others, and then learn to control their emotions and build positive relationships are important in order to be successful. For more information on SEL, visit my website of resources here. […]