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Jkt_0590929974 October 03

Top Ten Picture Books to Build Character by Anna Sedenka

  At the beginning of the school year I always take a look at my collection of picture books and try to decide which ones I absolutely have to share with my class.  Of course I would love to share all of my picture books with my students, but there just isn’t enough time in […]

something real September 26

Top Ten Worst Parents in Tween Lit by Amy Estersohn

I’ve noticed that my seventh graders take tremendous pleasure in reading about horrible, awful, mean, nasty, and ludicrous parents, no matter the genre, setting, or gender of the main character.     For all other bad-parent-lovers out there, I’ve collected a list of some of my favorite careless caretakers:   Gym Candy by Carl Deuker […]

gncelebration_square September 24

Top 10 Reasons to Join Us in our October Graphic Novel Celebration!

Are your graphic novel book bins always empty?  Are your students begging you for more titles?  Are you always looking for new graphic novel titles?   Do you use them in the classroom to teach craft, structure and comprehension?  Do you love the energy they bring to the classroom?  If so, this event is for you! […]

A River of Words September 19

Top Ten Books I Will Carry Over From 4th Grade to 6th by Adrienne Gillespie

Everything was different as I packed up my class in June. I was packing for a move, not just putting things away for a few months. After 12 years in a Title I elementary school, I was going back to teaching middle school. I am going to teach 6th grade Humanities in a program for […]

The Curse of the Gloamglozer September 12

10 Reason to Read Children’s Books Instead of ‘Grown-Up’ Books by Isabelle Sudron

Some may think that you grow out of kid’s books as you get older. There are those that think they are predictable and unrealistic. There is even the notion that children’s books are not challenging enough for our big old brains. However, there are many of us that feel otherwise, myself being one them. Children’s […]

young elites September 05

My Top Ten YA Book Recommendations by Mollye Oze

2015 has been a great year for YA, and for my reading life. Here are a few books that I’ve adored: 10. The Witch Hunter – Virginia Boecker (published in 2015): The Witch Hunter is a fantasy set in alternative sixteenth century England. Elizabeth Grey is a witch hunter, but when she is accused of […]

the enemy August 27

The Top Ten Books “On Hold” Books in My Classroom Library by Katie Sluiter

This past school year, I was moved from teaching eleventh and twelfth grade English–a gig I’d had for over a decade–to teaching eighth grade ELA. It was a bit of a culture shock for me, to say the least. I wasn’t prepared for EVERYTHING TO BE A BIG DEAL to this age group. Everything except […]

challenger deep August 22

Ten YA Books You Don’t Want to Miss by Elizabeth Zdrodowski

As part of the Florida Teens Read committee, I have reviewed and discussed over 100 YA books in the last year. I thought I would highlight some of my favorite reads for a Top Ten Nerdy Post. This list contains fantasy, magical realism, contemporary fiction, mental illness, disabilities, mystery, SuperWhoLock (Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock), religion, […]

tiger's curse August 15

Oregon, My Oregon: 10 Fantastic YA Books Set or Written in the Beaver State by Wendy Gassaway

I love how reading takes you places you’ve never been.  But I also love reading something that I connect to.  One way to connect is by reading a book set in your area, or even a book written by a local author.  My students feel the same way.  Here are ten books that make me […]

abe lincoln at last August 08

For the Love of Jack and Annie! (Ten Reasons to Love the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne) by Adrian Stevens

I have fallen in love with the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne during my eighteen years as a public school librarian.   Here are my ten reasons for loving this series: Jack and Annie are typical children from Frogcreek, Pennsylvania. Jack and Annie remind me of some of my students. Jack likes […]