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parrotfish June 27

10 YA Books that Altered My Paradigm by Holly Kregel

I think of all the things I’ve experienced as a young adult; then I think about the much longer list of things I haven’t experienced, things I know startling less about but affect people around me in ways unfathomable to me (violence, gangs, mental disorders, domestic abuse, etc.) Facing certain realities in the context of […]

neighborhood sharks June 20

Ten Picture Books with Resources about the Illustrators’ Processes by Helen Labun Jordan

I’m not a visual artist. I lack all visual artist sensibilities. In high school, I drew a charcoal picture of a lizard statue sitting under a flower vase that looked pretty much like the objects in front of me. I framed it, hung it up, called it a day artist-wise, and never thought about shadowing […]

the prince on the pond June 13

Whose Story is It Anyway? Ten Characters Who Take Back Their Books by Natalie M. Rosinsky

If you think you already know that classic story or novel, think again! You and the young people in your life will smile with delight or shiver with astonishment as a well-known plot unfolds from an unexpected character’s viewpoint. Everything from fairy tales to legends to literary classics are creatively retold in these attention-grabbing works. […]

Sketch11319220 June 06

Top Ten Reasons I Choose To Read Poolside by Katherine Sokolowski

The last day of school has passed and summer has officially begun. That means it is time to fill up the pool bag, grab some sunscreen, a book, and head to our community pool. Many of my friends think I am crazy. Truly, my boys have reached the age where they could go on their […]

it's just a jump to the left May 30

The Top Ten Things I Learned in my #bookaday Reading This Week by Teri S. Lesesne

If it is May, there is a good chance there will be rain in Texas.  The last few weeks have been more like hurricane season than a lead up to summer.  Houston received almost a foot of rain on one day.  Our lake, the one nearly drained a few years ago due to droughts, is […]

Sketch11319220 May 26

Top 10 Ideas to Promote Summer Reading by Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan

When we were browsing through Time magazine, we came across this quote:   “A recent study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that the average American spends only 19 minutes a day reading; young people read less than ever, apparently, with people ages 25 to 34 reading eight minutes a day on weekends […]

staying fat for sarah byrnes May 23

Top 10 Authors My Students Read Everything By – by Shana Karnes

Every year around October, I find a few students in my 11th-grade classroom whose to-read lists are depressingly barren.  Despite the fact that by that time I’ve booktalked nearly 100 books, I begin to despair when I can’t help them fill that list and make a reading plan.   And then, every year, I find […]

top10 May 16

Top Ten Things Lit Lessons I’ve Learned from Students by Arika Dickens

As an elementary teacher-librarian, I instruct many students over the course of the year. More important, though, may be the lit-lessons I’ve learned from students.  Over the last 10+ years, here are ten that stand out:     Series are King “Where are the My Weird School books?”  “Do you have Piggie and Elephant?”  “Is […]

rumpelstiltskin May 09

The Top Ten Fairy Tales Fractured in 2014 by Emily Andrus

Fairy tales are as important to the literary world as bacon is to life—they’re foundational, ensconced in our societal psyche. Modern stories still thrive on this foundation, including the ever popular “fractured fairy tales,” which present the traditional tale with an unexpected twist. They make for an excellent unit in the classroom with a few […]

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes May 02

Top Ten Books for Harry Potter Fans (aka Adventure-Fantasy Seeking Readers) by Kari Ness Riedel

So, your student or child just gobbled up all of the Harry Potter books, spending hours in pure reading bliss. Now, they are stuck on what to read next and you don’t want them to lose the reading bug they’ve finally caught. Has this happened to you? I experienced this firsthand when my two sons […]