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January 03

The 2015 Nerdies: Young Adult Fiction Winners Announced by Nerdy Nation (Part Two)

This post takes up where yesterday’s post left off–celebrating this year’s Nerdy Award winners for Young Adult Fiction. Thanks to Teri Lesesne, Jillian Heise, Lea Kelley, Kathy M. Burnette, Katherine Sokolowski, Colleen Graves, Beth Shaum, Paul W. Hankins, Sarah Gross, Pernille Ripp, Cindy Minnich, Brian Wyzlic, David Macginnis Gill, Jennifer Fountain, and Karin Perry for contributing […]

January 02

The 2015 Nerdies: Young Adult Fiction Announced by Nerdy Nation (Part One)

As we wrap up the final two Nerdy Book Club Awards’ posts (for Young Adult Fiction), we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who actively participates in the community we’ve built here. To all of you who read the blog, write book reviews and posts, nominate books for the Nerdies list, submit pictures, […]

January 01

The 2015 Nerdies: Middle Grade Fiction Announced by Colby Sharp

I love middle grade fiction. The odds are that if you are reading this post you probably love it, too. Chances are part of your reading journey included a middle grade book that you read as a kid that you still cherish today. For me it was Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet. It could have easily been […]

December 31

The 2015 Nerdies: Nonfiction Winners Announced by Donalyn Miller

We celebrated the Nerdy Book Club Award winners for best nonfiction picture books earlier this week, and today, we honor longer works of nonfiction. These outstanding books take us on a journey through human or natural history—uncovering forgotten stories and revealing Nature’s mysteries. Each book makes a unique contribution to school, classroom, and home libraries—enhancing […]

December 30

The 2015 Nerdies: Poetry and Novels in Verse Winners Announced by Mary Lee Hahn

  Congratulations to the 2015 Nerdy Book Club Award Winners for Best Poetry and Novels in Verse!   2015 NERDY POETRY — DI-VERSE   DIVERSE ETHNICITIES — we celebrate DIVERSE HISTORIES — we remember DIVERSE FAMILIES — we experience DIVERSE WORLD — we glorify     DIVERSE ETHNICITIES — WE CELEBRATE     28 Days: […]

December 29

The 2015 Nerdies: Graphic Novel Winners Announced by Katherine Sokolowski

Graphic novels are the single most circulated section in our classroom library. My students cannot get enough of them. When we made our stacks to take home for break, kids were taking the entire series of Lunch Lady, Amulet, Bone, or Babymouse. Students shouted across the room to other students to make sure they grabbed […]

December 28

The 2015 Nerdies: Early Reader and Chapter Book Winners Announced by Alyson Beecher

Whenever I need a laugh or just need a break from heavy duty reading, I turn to early readers or chapter books. Writers in this category know that they have to create a story that quickly draws in beginning readers and they do so with engaging characters, relatable situations, and humor or pets or sometimes […]

December 27

The 2015 Nerdies: Nonfiction Picture Book Winners Announced by Karen Terlecky

  Asking questions and wondering about topics is a part of human nature. In the past month, I found myself frequently using Google to find information about topics: A familiar face on a TV show, commercial, or movie – “In what other productions have they performed?” Planning for an upcoming vacation – “Where are our […]

December 26

The 2015 Nerdies: Fiction Picture Book Winners Announced by Teri Lesesne and Donalyn Miller

The Nerdy Book Club began as a book award blog. Dismayed that so many books our students (and we) loved to read were overlooked during book award season, Colby and I created a people’s choice award for children’s and young adult book lovers. While the blog has expanded beyond our original dreams for it, we […]

It’s Time for the Nerdy Book Club Awards by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

Donalyn Miller’s post, Happy 4th Anniversary, Nerdy Book Club made us smile. It’s time again for the Nerdy Book Club Awards!   Each week, Nerdy Book Club features a “Top 10 List” so we thought it would be fun to share the Top Ten Reasons Why We Love the Nerdy Book Awards: Time to Reflect – […]