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September 18

A Toast to Kate DiCamillo by Kirsten LeClerc

“I’m only eating toast today. Toast with a great deal of butter on it,” declared my daughter. She was six years old at the time and a Mercy Watson superfan. I humored her at breakfast, and she snacked on buttered toast for the next couple of days. Need I tell you how that turned out? […]

September 11

I’m Raising Fearless Readers Who Will Try Anything by Dena McMurdie

When my girls were small, I decided that I wanted them to grow up without any limits. I wanted them to dream big and not let society’s boundaries define who they are or what they can do.   I knew that if I introduced my kids to lots of ideas and subjects, it would help […]

September 04

An Ode to the Books of My Childhood . . . And to the Ones I Missed by Maggie Bokelman

In the box of things my mother saved from my childhood is an “about me” book written and illustrated by my third-grade self. On one page, a stick figure with a creepy grin and no nose is stretched out on a couch holding a book; nearby is an enthusiastically polka-dotted window. The text reads, “I […]

August 28

The Thrill of the Ride by Bill Lingle

  It’s a yearly rite of passage in the school year, the assembly to get students excited for our magazine subscription fundraiser. In front of the gymnasium is a large screen displaying  a video of BMX Professionals performing 180 nose pivots, 360 tail whips, and double barspins. The children are stirred into a frenzied state […]

August 21

Donald and Carol Carrick: Sepia Toned Understanding by Jake Nuckolls

I have a list in my head of currently touring bands that I don’t want to miss.  Some that I admit that I probably won’t see thanks to ticket pricing.  Josh Ritter, Wilco, Arcade Fire, James Taylor.  I have a similar list for authors.  It isn’t nearly as easy to see authors if you don’t […]

July 31

Endless Blessings by Kim Hole

As I sat in my children’s bedroom one evening this past fall trying to tackle the mountain of clean clothes still in the laundry basket, get pajamas onto my two year old who seemed entirely unable to stand still and reassure my 8 month old that he was not in jail as he whined from […]

July 17

The Power of Poetry by Sarah FitzHenry

In my career, I’ve come to realize that the rumors about print and reading going out of style are just that – rumors. If you are lucky enough to work with children and books, you know that young people’s passion for stories is as strong as ever. But even I wasn’t completely confident about the […]

July 10

Other Duties As Assigned by Emily Visness

Summer is here, and as the weeks of shuttling my kids to swim team practice, swim meets, and for-fun swimming consumes many of my waking hours, I also spend time chipping away at my enormous “To Be Read” list. Like many readers, my TBR list is an ever-growing mountain, and each time I read one […]

June 17

Where’s My Book? by Arika Dickens

“Mom, where’s my book?”   A couple of years ago, my then-kindergarten son asked this question.  No amount of searching could unearth the missing book from his school library, so we took $4.00 from his bank and paid the lost item cost.  He was, naturally, frustrated – both that the book was missing and that […]

June 11

The Key to Summer Reading? Invest in Children’s Reading Lives All Year

  It’s easier to maintain my reading life in the summer. Scorching Texas days provide excuses to lie under the ceiling fan and read all afternoon. Occasionally, I stay up all night binge reading—burning through epic historicals or fantasies in one sitting. I travel quite a bit during the summer, and books keep me company. […]