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little-women-cover February 20

Comforted by Little Women by Millicent Flake

Last spring I was feeling melancholy, to use an old fashioned word. Our little cat Nellie had died after living with us for 14 years. Cats always choose us, not the other way around, and he had been a big part of the family. I missed his presence on the bed at night, his little […]

junie b jones February 13

Characters Behaving Badly by Kirsten LeClerc

“Nitwit!” I hear my daughter yell, and instinctively I look up. We are on the beach in sunny San Diego, and she is screaming at a little boy who looks about 5 or 6 years old. I rush over to ask what the problem is, and my daughter angrily shouts and points at this kid, […]

i-was-born-with-a-reading-list-necklace February 12

So Many Books, So Little Time: Tips for Reading Strategically by Donalyn Miller

We own too many books. I’ve confessed this before, and it surprises no one. Don and I spend too much time sorting, culling, dusting, moving, and shelving books. Without constant maintenance, our book collection would take over our lives and home. We have tried to control our book hoarding tendencies, but it’s a losing battle. […]

a-dogs-life February 06

Why I Bought a Stack of Sad Dog Books by Stacey Loscalzo

I don’t know about you but I have always avoided sad dog books until… I went looking for as many as I could find. I have two teenage nephews that I love to laugh with and eat with and share family traditions with but we haven’t talked about books together in a long time. When […]

Sketch113194837 January 30

Who Tells Your Story? by Valinda Kimmel

Like so many others, I’ve fallen in love with Hamilton, the brilliant musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not a silly school-girl crush, but an all-consuming passionate affair. I sing the lyrics in my head all day long. I’ve even blurted them aloud on occasion at terribly inappropriate times. I am besotted. Some people in my life […]

a-letter-to-my-teacher January 23

A Reading Life…Interrupted by Teri S. Lesesne

My earliest memories are of reading.  I recall the smell of Old Spice as my PopPop read me Pat the Bunny while we balanced in his wheelchair (he was diagnosed with MS the year I was born).  I loved the rides via streetcar from our house to the Carnegie Library in downtown Pittsburgh.  And then […]

selfies January 09

Why I Love Author Selfies by Sandy Otto

Yes, I take selfies with authors. Lots of selfies. Every chance I get. As an English teacher and avid reader, I love getting books signed by favorite authors to share with my students and add to my classroom library. Their signatures make these books even more special. But there’s something magical about taking a picture […]

Nancy Drew December 20

The Power of a Series by Katie Muhtaris

When I was about nine years old, a family friend gave me a large box of Nancy Drew books, the kind where Nancy still sported a stylish 60’s bob and sensible flats. They had once belonged to their teenage daughter who had passed away many years earlier.  I suppose they thought the books would be […]

gracie-lou December 19

Honey, what did you read at school today? by Larissa Juliano

“The idea of the extraordinary happening in the context of the ordinary is what’s fascinating to me.” -Chris Van Allsburg   When I share stories with my children and students, I pay attention to what makes their eyes sparkle…I want to know what makes them feel intrigued and which literature will imprint on their minds […]

tat December 12

Tattoos in Picture Books by Crystal Brunelle

When I read Bob Graham’s book, April and Esme: Tooth Fairies, I was charmed. It’s an adorable story about two young fairies going out to collect their first tooth. The lovely story was not the only thing that I noticed though. The illustrations caught my attention. The mother of the young tooth fairies has a […]