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February 18

Reading Lessons Learned by Carrie Rodusky

I am a lifelong reader.  I have always listed reading as a favorite hobby and would choose to sit with a good book over anything else. I was the kid who rode her bike in the summer to the library and sat in the aisles for hours. Once, in the third grade I saw my […]

Graphic Novels are Books, Too! by Stacey DeCotis

Oh if I could count the times I’ve heard adults say that graphic novels are “too easy” or “not challenging enough” or “they don’t count as books”… My 5th grade students this year are devouring graphic novels! Until I started reading them last year, I never understood why (I mean, yeah I got that there […]

February 04

The Most Rewarding Gift by Jodi-Beth Moreno

How many gifts can you keep forever?  Do you have a favorite gift that you plan on keeping with you no matter where life takes you? I keep with me one of the best gifts I have ever received, the gift of reading. I’ve always known how to read. It has been part of my […]

January 28

Can you keep a secret? by Amy Estersohn

The Secret Society of Readers has no monthly meetings, no annual dues, and no application. There are no cancellation fees.  SSR has no advisory board, no headquarters, and no tax identification number.   SSR members may or may not use libraries and may or may not self-identify as readers  They may or may not report […]

January 21

The magic of some books by Jeremiah Henderson

Most books that we read go through a similar process. We read it, we love (or don’t love it), we share it, we move on to the next read. But what about the books that wreck us? Or completely change us? The ones that have a deep magic inside them that leaves something to be […]

January 14

How Twitter Changed My Life by Nicole Mancini

Teaching was a lot different when I first started 16 years ago. Overhead projectors and Vis-a-Vis markers were all the rage. Books on CD were considered “high tech.” Most classrooms had just a handful of desktop PCs (and figuring out how to get the best use of them was a constant headache). Pinterest wasn’t even […]

January 12

Rethinking “Just Right”: Reader and Text Variables that Impact Comprehension by Jennifer Serravallo

Seven years ago when I was home on maternity leave, I found it really hard to get through the sorts of rich novels I’d devoured pre-baby. Sleep deprived, I struggled with remembering everything that had happened across the text and started abandoning books halfway through. Then, a friend handed me Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad […]

January 07

My Mirror is Cracked by Jodi-Beth Moreno

Growing up an avid reader, I never saw my race, my culture, or myself in books. I didn’t notice or question it. It didn’t even bother me because that is just the way books were. In all honesty, that is the way my world was. I grew up in an area that is approximately ninety-five […]

November 03

An Unexpected Friendship by Kris Barr Paquette

Growing up an only child in the small town of Reading, Michigan left me with a lot of free afternoons to seek out my own fun.  We lived in the country near a lake. There weren’t a lot of kids within walking distance of my house, but if I ran down this giant hill towards […]

October 15

Riddle Me This by Candice Watkins

Riddle me this readers…why do so many educators consider comic books second class literature?
   Comic books are books. The very word “book” is in the title of the genre.
   I recently asked a student who had just finished his novel in my reading intervention class what he was reading next. He shamefully showed […]