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img_4187 January 16

“Yes. . .I Have Those Kind of Books.” by Paul W. Hankins

I had a Nerdy Book Club post ready for the administrators to post today. When Cindy emailed and asked for a new bio and picture to go along with the post, I told her that I had a new bio. . .a new picture. . .and a brand new post. This is that post. The […]

img_4514 January 14

Picture Book Believing: Sharing Picture Books with Intermediate Students by Carrie Gelson

Stories have the potential to alter our perceptions about our world. We need stories. Lots and lots of them. Picture books, shared in a classroom where writing, thinking and discussion happen, offer countless opportunities for each of us to grow in how we understand each other, our place in our communities and in the larger […]

Nancy Drew December 20

The Power of a Series by Katie Muhtaris

When I was about nine years old, a family friend gave me a large box of Nancy Drew books, the kind where Nancy still sported a stylish 60’s bob and sensible flats. They had once belonged to their teenage daughter who had passed away many years earlier.  I suppose they thought the books would be […]

img_3439 December 15

A New Kind of Book Club by Sarah FitzHenry

Book clubs. As educators, we love them – but for student participants, they can be intimidating. Some students aren’t strong readers; others don’t like talking in front of groups; some readers, like me, can struggle to put their feelings about a text into words. As a child I loved to read. But during book discussions, […]

ganeshas-sweet-tooth December 09

Broadening and Deepening Your Reading Life by Katie @ The Logonauts

I think I was always a reader. I carried books with me on car trips, to my sister’s gymnastic meets, even while camping! But I wouldn’t say that I was a particularly savvy reader. I didn’t have specific strategies for finding or evaluating books, and I often found myself in reading ruts, returning to a […]

smile December 02

Repeat Readers by Julie Potvin Kirchner

I recently overheard a teacher asking a student to choose a different book because “you have read all the books in that series.” As I listened to their conversation I got the feeling not only had this student read all the books in the series, but that she had probably read them more than once. […]

Sketch11319220 November 29

Celebrating Reading by Heather Jensen

I am a reader. It defines who I am. I need books as much as I need food and oxygen. I carry characters in my heart and learn how to be a better person from them. I shout and sing the praises of my favorite books. I celebrate reading with family, friends, and people all […]

Sketch113194837 November 25

The Daily Read — How It Changed Our Culture by Brett Vogelsinger, Lauren Johnston, Kevin Shillingford and Michelle Ambrosini

In February of 2016, Penny Kittle came to town.  The majority of our secondary teaching staff — a big crowd in a district of 20,000 students — had the opportunity to listen to her presentation on cultivating “book love” among our students.   What we could never have foreseen was the unbridled enthusiasm with which […]

krbooktalk November 18

Book Talks by Katherine Sokolowski

I recently gave my students an end of the quarter survey to see how they felt the year was going. In looking at survey after survey, my seventh graders repeatedly listed our daily book talks as one of their favorite parts of our class. They had positive things to say about finding other kids in […]

Sketch113194837 November 11

When All We Know is Love: Post-Election Thoughts by Travis Crowder

“We can take comfort in knowing that each moment we have with a child is a moment to improve the world.” -Christopher Lehman “Spread love.” -Kwame Alexander Hurt. Despondent. Belittled. Mortified. Uncertain. Angered. These are the emotions that are circulating through my heart and mind at this moment in time.  Like many other Americans, I […]