Aaron Reynolds Interviews President Squid

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Never before, has a large many-legged ocean creature run for president. Yet it seems that 2016 could be the year. With the March release of his new picture book PRESIDENT SQUID (written by Aaron Reynolds and illustrated by Sara Varon), it seems that a giant squid means to run for president this election! What can this mean for the country? For the world? Author Aaron Reynolds caught up with Squid to learn more about his campaign and his platform.


AR: So you’re running for president?




AR: What makes you think you’d be a good president?


SQUID: Have you seen me? I am enormous! Which means I have a huge mouth, well-equipped for barking out orders! I have eight legs, which means I can pass the buck EIGHT TIMES as fast! Plus, I am a giant squid, and Aquatic-Americans are SEVERELY under-represented in this administration.


AR: I see. But what’s your platform?


SQUID: Bigger is better! Louder is prouder! Bossy is saucy! Those are platforms, right?


AR: Wow.


SQUID: I know. Kind of amazing, huh?


AR: What I mean is, what do you plan to do for the average American?


SQUID: I’m glad you asked. I think the average American is just looking for somebody to tell them what to do. Someone LIKE ME! I promise the average American that they will be required to bow down and hail me loudly and often, as I deserve. Ask not what I can do for this country, but ask what you can do for PRESIDENT SQUID!


AR: You remind me an awful lot of another candidate that’s running in this election. Blonde guy. Super rich. Kind of loud. Ring a bell?


SQUID: Absolutely not. Any resemblance between me and another presidential candidate, living or dead, is strictly coincidental. Though, I have to say, when I’m wearing a tie, I do look an awful lot like a young JFK.


AR: You seem kind of confused about what it means to be president.


SQUID: I have no idea what you’re talking about.


AR: Clearly. Do you learn anything in your book? Any lessons that would redeem you in any way?


SQUID: Not that I know of. Wait, I do have this rather awkward run-in with a whiny sardine. I help him in the most presidential way…but you’ll just have to read the book to find out the juicy details.


AR: Well, that sounds a little promising. So, your new picture book comes out on Super Tuesday, which is March 1st of 2016. Should we consider the launch of PRESIDENT SQUID to be your formal announcement of your intent to run for president?


SQUID: Why wait until then? Let’s make it official right now. MY FELLOW AMERICANS! It is for all these amazing reasons I’ve listed here, and a million others that I’m too important to mention, that I, a giant squid, announce my candidacy for the office of President of the United States of America!


AR: And may God have mercy on us all.


SQUID: Clear your calendars for next fall, people! There’s going to be all kinds of hailing and groveling to do come November of 2016! HAIL TO THE SQUID!


Aaron ReynoldsAaron Reynolds is the New York Times bestselling author of many books for children, including Here Comes Destructosaurus!, Carnivores, and the Caldecott Honor–winning Creepy Carrots! Before becoming a writer, he was an actor, a dancer, and a waiter. He has never been a sardine or a giant squid, but he’s pretty sure neither would make a good president. He lives in Chicago. For more information about Aaron Reynolds, please visit www.aaron-reynolds.com.