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books are in here August 16

Welcome Home by Donalyn Miller

We moved into our new house the first week of June, but I haven’t spent much time here. Educators attend a lot of professional development during the summer months and I have traveled from conference to conference–speaking with colleagues around the country about fostering children’s reading lives. Returning home for a day or two here […]

edward tulane July 12

Patron of the Arts by Donalyn Miller

During our recent move, we gave away almost 500 books. At one point, Don and I joked that our books were reproducing because we couldn’t see a measurable difference after giving away so many. I know that we are a little over-the-top in this regard, but we love buying and owning physical books. As Anna […]

show your work June 14

The Pleasure of Reading Fast and Short by Donalyn Miller

We are moving and most of our books are packed. Spending every waking moment cleaning and packing limits my reading time, and influences my reading habits. I have rediscovered a new appreciation for the short texts that I subscribe to and regularly read. Whether it’s a news article about the American Southwest’s water shortage or […]

Red Queen May 27

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Reviewed by Colleen Graves, Kerri Harris, and Donalyn Miller

Publisher’s Blurb Graceling meets The Selection in debut novelist Victoria Aveyard’s sweeping tale of seventeen-year-old Mare, a common girl whose once-latent magical power draws her into the dangerous intrigue of the king’s palace. Will her power save her or condemn her? Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood—those with common, Red blood serve the Silver- […]

All Who Wander by Donalyn Miller

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of escaping our cramped ranch house filled with too much yelling and too many kids. I couldn’t wait to graduate and go to exotic places like Istanbul or Portland. I wanted to be a field biologist like Jane Goodall or a veterinarian like James Herriot. They were British […]

scott pilgrim's precious little life April 19

You Have Chosen Wisely by Michael Guevara

Remember this classic movie moment? With the bulk of the school year now fading into remember-whens, thoughts have turned to that most glorious of time for students and teachers—summer! In my office, we are frenetically gearing up for all the professional development we will offer teachers throughout the summer, and in classrooms and department meetings around […]

griffin and sabine March 15

Bookmarks by Donalyn Miller

Spring marks another year Don, our girls, and I have lived in this house. Every March, I wind back through the years—revisiting. I love spring in our house. The azaleas Celeste and I planted under our front windows—bloom. The woodpecker that lives in our pecan tree—returns. The clover that we can’t eradicate (and stopped trying […]

how it went down February 28

Books That Make Us Cry (Part Two) Collected by Donalyn Miller

Grab a tissue. We pick up where we left off in yesterday’s post–sharing our sad book favorites. And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard I bought And We Stay last summer because it earned a starred review somewhere. Knowing that the book was a tear-jerker, I never seemed in the right mood to go into the […]

bridge to terabithia February 27

Books That Make Us Cry (Part One) Collected by Donalyn Miller

Last spring, one of my fifth-graders, Heavenly, spent all of recess sitting under a tree finishing the final chapters of Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s One for the Murphys. Strolling around the playground, I gave Heavenly a wide berth when I walked near her reading spot. I knew where Heavenly was in the story and I didn’t […]

sketch1419380456792 January 03

2014 Nerdy Awards for Young Adult Fiction Announced by Donalyn Miller and Nerdy Nation (Part Two)

This post takes up where yesterday’s post left off–celebrating this year’s Nerdy Award winners for Young Adult Fiction. Thanks to Teri Lesesne, Jillian Heise, Kevin English, Kathy M. Burnette, Katherine Sokolowski, Paul W. Hankins, Sarah Gross, Don Miller, Cindy Minnich, David Macginnis Gill, Jennifer Fountain, and Karin Perry for contributing reading responses and reviews for […]