November 07

Cover Reveal for THE JIGSAW JUNGLE by Kristin Levine

  I had a great plan.   My first three books were historical fiction, and each one required a lot of research. So for book number four, my plan was to do something easier, something that would be quicker to write. I decided on a contemporary story, set in my hometown of Alexandria, Virginia, a […]

November 06

Fear Not The Adaptation by Emily Meixner

This summer my son finished reading all thirteen books in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events series. He’d wandered uninterested past the first few books on our bookshelves for several years, even though he knew my husband had read and enjoyed them.  Then, this spring, as we desperately waited for sunshine and warmer weather, we […]

November 05

Top Ten Nerdy Book Places by Jennifer Ansbach

Like many Nerdy Book Clubbers, I have a reputation as a capital-R Reader, and in addition to being asked about how I could read so much, I often get asked how I find so many books to read. Sometimes people are seeking recommendations. Others are baffled how the books I want to read seem endless […]

November 04

Top Ten Quotes that Scrape the Soul: The best from young adult novels in 2016 and 2017 by Amber McMath

“Kids haven’t changed.” I hear it all the time. Yesterday’s spitballs are today’s fidget spinners. My grandpa’s whoopie cushion is my nephew’s Atomic Fart app. In so many ways, kids are still kids. But they have changed. You see it too, don’t you? My tribe of young adult readers I spend time with every day […]

November 02

We Need Diverse Series by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan

As a child, I read The Secret Garden, Harriet the Spy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I connected with the characters in these books and when I was sad or lonely, I reread parts of these texts and pretended I was with these characters.  They became part of my life.   As educators, Clare […]

October 31

POLL: Your Favorite 2017 Books

As we stare down November and see only two months left of 2017, we at Nerdy HQ are curious about which kidlit (picture books through YA) titles you have decided are the not-to-miss-books of 2017. Share your Class of 2017 reading recs for us in the comments!

October 30

The Text Connections We Need to Be Making by Liz Garden

I remember when I was in first grade; I spent more time in the school library than I did in my classroom.  It’s true.  My teacher, Mr. Page, would send me to read in the library because I didn’t fit into the blue, red, or green reading group.   And so I spent my days devouring […]

October 29

The After: Educating in Charlottesville by Sarah FitzHenry

First, there was a before. Sunshine, music, blissful ignorance. And then, they marched. Screaming, burning, ravaging, leaving blood and hysteria in their wake. And when they were finished, they left. The news cameras hovered for another week or two, littering our parks, rubbing their salt. And then, they left too. The buzz faded, the world […]

October 28

A Second Chance – For All of Us by Samantha Goodger

This school year, for a variety of reasons, I was moved from my position as the middle school instructional coach up to the high school to work with students in our credit recovery courses.  These students have a variety of academic, socio-emotional, and other needs and, honestly, I was unsure where to even start.  It […]

October 27

Making Friends with Our Dragon by Barbara Joosse

Picture books are small but mighty.  Consider the way you read to a child: wrapped in each others’ arms, the child’s ear just at your heartbeat with the book you share the seal of the hug.  I call it The Reader’s Hug.  This is where magic happens. Because favorite picture books are read many times, […]