April 03

The Story We Found in the Woods by Paul Noth

While writing my middle-grade novel debut, How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens, I found myself reflecting on other stories I created for kids over the years. Growing up with eight siblings, I often had to babysit while still a child myself. I learned early on that stories got kids to listen and engage. […]

April 02


The well-known comedian who once wondered what dogs did on their day off because lying around was their job must not have known the modern day wonder that is the service dog—and how hard they work every single day to bring comfort and independence to people who have a disability. RESCUE & JESSICA: A LIFE-CHANGING […]

April 01

The Importance of Mentoring Young Writers by Marcha Fox

I wrote my first story when I was in 1st grade. I had a scrap with my best friend, which I wrote up as a play-by-play narrative with illustrations. I made it into a tiny book, which I stapled together. By sixth grade, I’d graduated to science fiction stories written on yellow lined paper. These […]

March 31

Top 10 Girls of Irrepressible Spunk by Melissa Cairns

Over the past few years, it has come to light how few widely acclaimed children’s books have strong, vocal female characters.  As cited in a startling video by Rebel Girls about the lack of girl power in kid’s books, only 53 of Time’s best 100 Children’s books of all time have female characters that even […]

March 27

Who’s THE BEST MOTHER? How a picture book can be a mystery and a search for truth by C. M. Surrisi

I practiced law for 28 years before I decided to do the thing I always longed to do, write books for children. Being a super planner, and a lover of school, I headed for Vermont College of Fine Arts and an MFA program in writing for children and young adults.   During my time in […]

March 26

WHAT IF…We Told You the Story Behind the Story? by Mike Curato and Samantha Berger

Greeeeetings!   Thanks for being a part of the Official What If…Blog Tour. Nerdy Book Club reminds us of three things we both love: nerds, books, and clubs! Put ‘em all together, and it’s magical. Maaaagical! (Insert big glittery PUFF of magic dust here, because who doesn’t love special effects? Sam and Mike do!)   […]

March 25

Kidlitwomen: Combating Invisibility of Transgender Kids by Lindsay H. Metcalf and Traci Sorell

Starting March 1st, we’re celebrating Women’s History month with 31 days of posts focused on improving the climate for social and gender equality in the children’s and teens’ industry. Join in the conversation here or Twitter #kidlitwomen and access all the #KidlitWomen posts this month on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/kidlitwomen/.    Personal and professional lives […]

March 24

Top Ten Middle Grade Novels in Verse by Kaitlyn Ilinitch

I absolutely love novels in verse.  I can’t get enough of this genre, and I am always on the lookout for new titles. As a student, I had always been drawn to poetry, but ever since I read Brown Girl Dreaming in 2015, my love for poetry has grown immensely. What is so great about […]

Read Like The Bachelor: A Guide for Students by Kate Roberts

So one of the more embarrassing facts about me is that my wife and I are pretty committed Bachelor and Bachelorette watchers. In fact, we have not missed an episode in about ten years.   We take no pride in this, yes there is a good deal of shame. I’m sure you know people like […]

March 22

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton Review by Alexandra Cornejo

Mentally rich and decadent — this is how I would describe The Belles. I listened to The Belles on Audible with Rosie Jones (@rosiejonesactor) as the narrator. She did a wonderful job at her narration, which makes all the difference. Her English accent added such an elegant air to an exquisitely written book. However, I […]