Results to Laurel Snyder’s Chapter Book Survey

During the month of April, 904 young Nerdy Book Club readers from all over the country took Laurel Snyder’s Chapter Book Survey. On Monday, during a three-way Skype, Mr. Sharp’s fourth graders and Mr. Schu’s first graders shared the results with Ms. Snyder.


Nerdy Book Club is excited to share the results with you today.


A sample of student responses:

  • I picked two friends because they can have cool adventures.
  • to friends because I think it`s easy to relate to because almost everyone has a friend.
  • I would like a book that has ONE main character with ONE with friend that he/she meets along the way.
  • i like to see a crew of kids in a book because they can have each other to find things out and have different abilities to help each other.
  • I like it better when it is about one person so I don’t get confused with all the characters. I also like one character because,… well I feel like it is more comfortable. My favorite kinds are where one kid take cares of an animal or something like that.
  • I would rather see a chapter book with a crew of kids because I think it has more of a plot like in a school
  • It makes it more fun when there are more kids. Also, You could make each chapter a different perspective.
  • I chose two friends because they could be partners.They could have lots of sleepovers and solve mysteries or anything really.

A sample of student responses:

  • It would be more realistic if it’s in the real world, and more people would be able to relate to it probably.
  • I would want magic into the regular world because it would interesting to know what happens with the magic into the regular world.
  • I think regular world, because if it’s already in a magical land, there would be magic already there, and in real world, there isn’t.
  • it would be cool to bring magic into the regular world because of the awesomeness.
  • I like if a book takes place in a magical place because I like to imagine what the magical place would be like and what it would be like to be in that place.
  • I would like a book has an evil person that comes into the real world and tries to destroy it. The only person who can stop him is the main character. But that person doesn’t know how or why that he/she is the only person who can stop the evil person.
  • I think that magic brought to the real world would be fun and exciting!!! If it takes place in a magical land then there’s no real surprise like, “Wow that man/woman is casting a magical spell!” like maybe someone could figure out that someone is doing magic in the real world, now that would be cool.
  • When i say magic, i don’t mean witches and wizards, i mean like a secrete.



A sample of student responses:

  • I think having a portal to a new land would be an awesome plot.  A portal really stretches all of the magic mentioned earlier in the survey.  I’d love to see teleportation from one place to another.
  • They find the portal after weeks of search ad they see it is broken and need to fix it.  Then the story ends and there will be another book after on how they fix it and on how they have to beat the odds to get him home.
  • They should live in the country and know nothing about what they are going to find out about the magical land. when they step in the portal they cant go back until they complete all the missions.
  • Because portals can take you ANYWHERE!! It also goes along with kids going to a magical place.
  • I think a portal to another land would be cool because I like a book were the main character finds a place where they have only seen it in their dreams. But at the end they find out it was real and they had a good adventure.
  • I would rather use portal because they don’t exist and anything can come through them so the author can think up a really weird creature and the reader will think it hilarious and they will want to read more and also it will make it more exciting.
  • The reason I chose a portal is because again I like bringing in the magic better than right off. I think maybe one character could have that special ability, as long as it can be interesting and cool.
  • I would like to see a portal to another land cause it would make the book a little mysterious and make kids wonder what the other land would look like or what it was called.

At the end of Monday’s Skype, I believe that Mr. Schu’s first grade student said it best, “Ms. Snyder, we look forward to seeing what you do with the results of this survey. No matter what, we know we will be proud of your hard work and for creating books for young readers. “