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george November 10

Please Listen To Alex Gino Talk About George

This past June, at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference, I had the opportunity to talk to Alex Gino about their book George. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the episode, please check it out. I pray that the episode gives you hope. Colby Sharp is a third grade teacher in Parma, Michigan. […]

writewithjess May 17

The Books are Only the Beginning by Jess Keating

I’ve always been inspired by Nerdy Book Club generosity. Years ago, I came across the Nerdy Book Club website. A new post everyday! A club of self-declared nerds: my bookish soulmates interested in spreading book love and helping kids find the books that will make them lifelong readers. It was a new place to call home. It also […]

Hi Res Yarn Logo March 13

Okay For Everyone by Shelley Johannes

Most of my personal epiphanies have come while reading fiction—while I’m fully immersed in a book with my guard down. This past Sunday was a first for me though. In just ten minutes and sixteen seconds, before I was even fully awake, a podcast leveled me. I was in prime position to be unraveled by […]

bees January 19

Ten 2016 Books That I Think Are Pretty Great by Colby Sharp

I cannot believe that it has already been more than a week since the American Library Association handed out the Cadecott and Newbery Medals. Time flies. The awards announcement are a good bridge to book for the new year. I’m excited to share with you today 10 books that I think are going to help […]

Nerdy MG 2015 3 January 01

The 2015 Nerdies: Middle Grade Fiction Announced by Colby Sharp

I love middle grade fiction. The odds are that if you are reading this post you probably love it, too. Chances are part of your reading journey included a middle grade book that you read as a kid that you still cherish today. For me it was Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet. It could have easily been […]

Hi Res Yarn Logo December 20

If you liked reading…you may like listening to… by Travis Jonker and Colby Sharp

Technology has helped humanity in many ways. It’s helped cure disease. It’s reinvented communication. It has made the impossible possible. Case in point: I now enjoy doing the dishes. I owe this particular (admittedly, minor) miracle to podcasts, which I listen to while scrubbing away. Podcasts are radio shows you can listen to online or […]

Hi Res Yarn Logo October 22

The Yarn: Bonus Episode by Colby Sharp

Travis Jonker and I created a podcast over the summer that looked at one book from many angles. One of the reasons we decided to take a closer look at Jennifer and Matthew Holm’s Sunny Side Up was because we wanted to learn about, and celebrate, all of the people that play a role in […]

bunnicula July 09

Bunnicula, A Rabbit Tale of Mystery by Deborah and James Howe – Reviewed by Danielle Levine

Sunlight streams in through the window as I lounge on the couch with a book in hand. Summer reading is by far my favorite pastime. It’s my time to fill my head with all of the books that I don’t have a chance to read during the school year. My partner in crime is Gwen, […]

Sent to the Principal’s Office…For a Book

Dear Nerdy Book Club, At this year’s Michigan Reading Association’s Annual Conference my principal, Ms. Haney, gave an amazing talk about how she develops a culture of reading in our school. I think it is one of the most important talks you will ever hear about the impact can have on the readers in their […]

73bf17b112b461e7bd78689208988e82 February 20

Exclusive Cover Reveal for Katherine Applegate’s Crenshaw + A Bonus Guest Post

One of the first questions an author hears at school visits is, “Where do you get your ideas?” (followed by “Do you know J.K. Rowling?” and “Will you autograph my sneakers?”). My answers, for the record: —I just ask “What if?” and record what happens. —No, but if she wants me to stop by the castle […]