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January 09

What 2023 books are you most excited to read? by Colby Sharp

I had a blast adding books to my to-read list from December 26-January 3 during the Nerdy Book Club awards season. If you haven’t checked out the list, be sure to go back and check out those posts here on the Nerdy blog. I still have a stack of 2022 books that I need to […]

January 01

THE 2022 NERDIES: Middle Grade Fiction Announced by Colby Sharp

The first thing I do each year when Donalyn Miller sends me the list of Middle Grade Fiction winners is count how many I have read. I have currently read 16 out of the 22 winners. The second thing I do, is add the rest to my to-read list. The first book I plan on […]

November 22

Thanksgiving Break Reading Plans by Colby Sharp

Reading during breaks from school brings me tremendous joy. I never seem to have enough time during the school week to read as much as I would like, so getting a chance to recharge my reading life during school breaks is often just what the reading doctor ordered. The last thing we did in my […]

October 27

Books My Fifth Graders are Reading A Quarter of the Way Through the School Year by Colby Sharp

Every couple of weeks, when my fifth graders head to lunch, I walk around the classroom and make a video about the books that they are reading. I am hopeful that these videos help other educators find great books to add to their school and classroom library, but that isn’t the main reason that I […]

October 16

Working on the Nonfiction Sections in my Classroom Library by Colby Sharp

In writing The Commonsense Guide to Your Classroom Library with Donalyn Miller, we wanted to make it very clear that we didn’t have all of the answers when it comes to classroom libraries, and the work of a classroom library is never complete. As we read more children’s books, get to know more readers, and […]

September 01

What are your kids reading? by Colby Sharp

Today is my seventh day of the school year. It is hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t met my students, and now I know so much about them. I’m feeling pretty confident that we are going to have an awesome year together. Every week or two, when the kids head […]

May 26

Purchasing Books at the End of the School Year by Colby Sharp

I love purchasing books for my classroom library. I love it even more when I don’t have to spend my own money to do it. A couple of weeks ago, all of the teachers in my building got an email from our principal informing us that we had received a grant that would allow all […]

January 01


One of my favorite emails to receive each year is the list of middle grade Nerdies from Donalyn Miller. The first thing I do when I get the list is check to see how many of them that I have read. I’ve read 17 out of the 19 books on the list. The second thing […]

December 17

What are your winter break reading plans? by Colby Sharp

Holy smokes! I am so tired. I’m guessing that you are pretty tired, too. If you are an educator you are either on break or pretty darn close to winter break. Congratulations! One of my favorite things about the lead up to a school break is making reading plans. I love watching my fifth graders […]

April 18

A live conversation with Linda Urban 4/19, 8:30 PM ET

Hello! Colby Sharp here. I’m excited to chat live with author Linda Urban, April 19th at 8:30 PM ET. If you are interested, you can view our conversation on the Nerdy Book Club Facebook page or my YouTube channel. We’ll be talking about her new book Almost There and Almost Not. If you cannot watch […]