February 26

Celebrating Nerdy Book Club With a Fresh New Look

old nerdy
After 829 daily posts with the stock pink background and the familiar header, we have decided that Nerdy was due for a new look. Something bright and friendly, something that would make our site stand out visually in the way that our guest writers’ content has. 
We started conversations ages ago, but finding exactly what we wanted took a while  What color background do we want? What kind of layout would not only look good but be easy for our readers to navigate? But the biggest conversation had to be about the artwork. 
Nerdy Book Club members Deborah Freedman and Tom Angleberger stepped up. Tom created the original logo back in December 2012. We feel that his new logo captures the joy and awesomeness that we feel Nerdy embodies.
Sketch11319220  Sketch113194837
Deborah’s banner is not only breathtaking; it also perfectly captures the Nerdy Book Club philosophy: everyone has a voice and each reader has a place in our club. Seeing the different creatures reading together reminds us of the communities we have in our classrooms and libraries. 
Since Nerdy came into being, WordPress.com added advertisements to keep the site free. While we appreciated the ability to run this site as a zero-budget operation, the ads bothered us. We didn’t have any control over what was there and who saw what and when. Now we really can say that the only thing we’re advertising here is our love of books and reading. 
We have said this before – we never knew that this website would grow into the awesome community it has become. We wanted to make sure that the online space was as vibrant and welcoming as the people who spend time here. Continue to do your great work with promoting the love of reading, to share your voice in the chorus of comments when you’re moved to do so, to offer your thoughts and experiences as guest writers.  Nerdy Book Club is YOU and we hope you love what you see here.