Nonfiction Man, Episode 2 by Anna and Steve Sheinkin

If it’s humanly possibly I appreciate teachers and librarians more than ever, now that I’m home all day with a fifth and an eighth grader. Well, at least my middle school daughter and I have a little more time to draw Nonfiction Man comics, our new series about a struggling superhero who sets out to spread a love of true stories. We wrote the script together, and each drew every other panel.

Anna and Steve Sheinkin are a daughter-and-dad writing team. When not making comics, Anna is an eighth-grade student who loves Tae Kwon Do and playing clarinet. Steve is a former textbook writer who is now making amends by writing history books that kids and teens might actually want to read. He’s currently revising a new nonfiction thriller set during the Cold War. You can visit Steve online at