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May 17

COYOTE SUNRISE Cover Reveal by Dan Gemeinhart

Okay, folks. I’m gonna try to be calm about this. But, spoiler alert, I’m gonna fail at that. I am so, so, so excited to finally start talking about my next book, THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE. It comes out in early 2019, and even though I’m glad I’ve got the word “early” in […]

January 27

Beau’s Lost Chapter by Dan Gemeinhart

I love stories about animals. More specifically, I love stories about kids and their animals. There are plenty of reasons that I love these kinds of stories. One reason is that animals can show us a lot about ourselves. They can teach us about loyalty. And courage. And friendship. Another reason I love them is […]

March 18

At Home Between the Pages by Dan Gemeinhart

When I think of my childhood, two themes immediately rise to the top: movement and books. We moved a lot when I was growing up. In the beginning it was because my dad was in the military; later, just because we were following (or looking for) jobs. From when I was born in a military […]