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October 16

What Sets Amelia Elizabeth Walden Book Awards Apart by Kellee Moye

As a teacher I am constantly looking for recommendations of books I should read and share with my students. I look to my PLN on Twitter, Facebook, and through blogs; I attend conferences yearly; I browse Scholastic book orders; I listen to my students; and I look at awards lists to guide me. However, with […]

Top Ten Authors We Were Excited to See at ALAN by Kellee Moye and Mindi Rench

Each year during and immediately following the NCTE (National Council Teachers of English) annual convention, ALAN (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents) holds a breakfast on Saturday morning, a cocktail hour on Sunday evening, and a workshop on Monday and Tuesday. During the two days of the ALAN workshop, we find ourselves completely surrounded by YA […]

Nerdy Book Club Session at NCTE

This afternoon, there will be a session entitled Relevance, Relationships, and Reading Lives: Fostering Reading Engagement in All Readers. Whether you’re in Boston for NCTE with the potential to join us or if you’re at home and wondering what you’re missing, we thought that Nerdy Book Club readers might appreciate a peek at what we […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: YA/Teen by Jen Vincent, Kellee Moye and Maria Selke

Long gone are the days when girls had to look far and wide for powerful young women in popular literature. Long gone, too, are the days when there was only one model of strength. Today, our favorite ladies are even hitting the big screen in blockbuster films. Hermione from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, was […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: Middle Grade by Jen Vincent, Kellee Moye, & Maria Selke

May Amelia and Marty McGuire are the girls who started it all. While discussing them on Twitter, our wheels began turning. What strong girls in children’s literature have we loved through the years? That discussion led to our Top Ten Girl Power lists. Our first post featured picture books and early readers, including Kate Messner’s […]

Top Ten Ape Books

I love apes. Not monkeys, apes. They are our closest relatives and are so fascinating and intelligent. My interest in apes started several years ago when I started teaching and I taught a story called “The Oldest Living Atlanta Gorilla” about Willie B., a gorilla who was introduced to grass for the first time at […]

Top Ten Girl Power Books: Picture Books & Early Readers

Princess Elizabeth from The Paper Bag Princess written by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Michael Martchenko Elizabeth is no ordinary princess. Munsch takes a simple quest tale and turns it on its head. The dragon destroys the castle and carries off Prince Ronald! It is up to Princess Elizabeth to rescue him, which she does with […]

Bluefish by Pat Schmatz

                    Title: Bluefish Author: Pat Schmatz Publisher: Candlewick Press Publication Date: September, 2011 Genre/Format: Realistic Fiction/Young Adult Novel Goodreads Summary: Travis is missing his old home in the country, and he’s missing his old hound, Rosco. Now there’s just the cramped place he shares with his alcoholic grandpa, a new school, and […]