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April 19

A Conversation About Community | Ask Nerdy

In the latest episode of the Ask Nerdy Podcast, Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp start a conversation about reading communities. They share their memories from early reading communities that they were a part of before the conversation moves to the importance of reading communities, and their experiences with reading communities in their classrooms. You can […]

April 05

Pepita Meets Bebita: How This Mother/Son Picture Book Came to Be by Ruth Behar and Gabriel Frye-Behar

  We started writing the first draft of Pepita Meets Bebita just three weeks after Gabriel’s first daughter and Ruth’s first granddaughter, Mila, was born in New York on the last day of Hanukkah in 2020. With our family gathered to celebrate (and help with the new baby!), we noticed how Eloise, who had been the “baby,” or the “bebita,” of […]

March 15

On Visual Learners by Aaron Becker

It’s perhaps a testament to just how incredibly disruptive the pandemic has been to our sense of time that when I was told I’d written a post for the Nerdy Book club, I actually had no memory of ever doing so. A quick search pulled it up (August 2016) and what a joy it was […]

March 09

The Books My Fifth Graders are Reading as we Beg for Spring by Colby Sharp

Hey, Nerdy friends! It has been a minute since I checked in the on the blog to share the books my fifth graders are reading. We’ve had a bit of an interesting last few weeks here in Michigan. We had a very late arriving winter, and now that it is here, it doesn’t seem to […]

January 30

Congratulations to the ALA Youth Media Awards Winners

The American Library Association’s Youth Media Awards just might be the most exciting day in children’s literature. You can find a list of the winners here. We’d love to know in the comments which books you are adding to your to-read list. After the awards were announced Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp recorded a conversation […]

January 09

What 2023 books are you most excited to read? by Colby Sharp

I had a blast adding books to my to-read list from December 26-January 3 during the Nerdy Book Club awards season. If you haven’t checked out the list, be sure to go back and check out those posts here on the Nerdy blog. I still have a stack of 2022 books that I need to […]

January 03


Today marks the end of the 2022 Nerdy Book Club Awards’ announcements. What an incredible collection of titles for young readers of all ages and interests! Our final Nerdies’ post shares the second half of the Young Adult Fiction winners. Thank you to everyone who nominated books for this year’s awards and wrote announcement posts […]

January 01

THE 2022 NERDIES: Middle Grade Fiction Announced by Colby Sharp

The first thing I do each year when Donalyn Miller sends me the list of Middle Grade Fiction winners is count how many I have read. I have currently read 16 out of the 22 winners. The second thing I do, is add the rest to my to-read list. The first book I plan on […]

November 22

Thanksgiving Break Reading Plans by Colby Sharp

Reading during breaks from school brings me tremendous joy. I never seem to have enough time during the school week to read as much as I would like, so getting a chance to recharge my reading life during school breaks is often just what the reading doctor ordered. The last thing we did in my […]

November 02

Write What You Know by Erin Soderberg Downing

Controlled Burn is the book I’ve been wanting to write since I started my publishing journey more than twenty years ago, but it took almost fifteen years of writing other books before I truly believed I was a good enough writer to do this story justice. Even though this novel is a tribute to my […]